Corporations and Personhood

So the Supreme Court said that corporations were “people. It equated corporate identity with that of individual identify. In effect it granted corporations personhood.

One would have to assume that once the ruling was made, all corporations were immediately “naturalized” as citizens so they could enjoy the rights and PROTECTIONS granted by the US Constitution to individuals.

If indeed a corporation is a person as argued by the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Common (N0. 08-205) should they not also be constrained by the same campaign finance laws that affect individual ‘human” persons and the legal limits on how much they can contribute to campaigns. Shouldn’t a corporation now have to comply with the following Individual contribution limits imposed on individuals contributing to candidates for all Federal offices?

  • $2,400 per Election to a Federal candidate — Each primary, runoff, and general election counts as a separate election.
  • $30,400 per calendar year to a national party committee — applies separately to a party’s national committee, and House and Senate campaign committee.
  • $10,000 per calendar year to state, district & local party committees
  • $5,000 per calendar year to state, district & local party committee

Aggregate Total — $115,500 per two-year election cycle as follows:

  • $45,600 per two-year cycle to candidates
  • $69,000 per two-year cycle to all national party committees and PAC

So did the Supreme Court actually tie the hands of corporations and drastically reduce and limit campaign contribution amounts by granting them personhood and individual identity?

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Why Why Why?

President Obama in his weekly address said Saturday he is ready to compromise with Republicans on health care if they are serious about it, but that an overhaul must go forward. “Let’s get this done,” he said.

Mr. President – Dear Leader,

Please spare us your pleas to the Republicans to get healthcare insurance reform done. You are beginning to sound like a broken record and quite frankly it is beginning to turn off your supporters and those who look to you to lead this nation. You give me the impression that you think you’re dealing with adults. Your calls for their participation sound more like they did repeating their endless talking points at the healthcare summit.

The American Public is beginning to realize that all we’ve gotten out of this 1 year effort to reform healthcare insurance is rhetoric: Scrap the bill; Let’s start over; Let’s start with a clean sheet of paper; Let’s take a step by step approach; We are so close to healthcare insurance reform; and Come on Republicans let get it done.

You keep telling us and so do the polls that American Citizens want our government to FIX healthcare insurance. But yet the headline reads, “President Obama Presses Republicans to get Healthcare Reform Done”. The last thing any of us needed to see in the headlines this morning was you begging the Republicans to participate in this initiative. It is time for you to stop with the belief that you can charm these selfish clowns into supporting this effort and doing what is best for this economy and American Citizens.

Your goal of achieving bipartisanship is a RISK FACTOR for getting anything done legislatively. Why is it so difficult for you to understand that their goal is to destroy your presidency? Why is it so difficult for you to understand that they see this legislative battle as their opportunity to achieve this goal? Mr. President, if it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck; chances are it’s a duck. When Jim DeMint says that the failure of your healthcare insurance reform initiative will be your waterloo, Mr. President, believe him. When former President Jimmy Carter says that the driver behind much of the vitriol at the tea party rallies is racism, Mr. President, believe him.

These are selfish individuals. They hate you more than they love the citizens of this nation or the country itself. They do not want to share the fruits of this country with anyone and they certainly don’t want you in charge of managing the fruit baskets. These individuals don’t care if the citizens of this country suffer in order to see you fail. How else would you explain the behavior of Senator Jim Bunning who would allow millions of unemployed American Citizens to suffer the loss of unemployment benefits and the effects those losses would bring to their families?

Mr. President, begging the Republicans to participate in this legislative initiative is about as silly as the behavior displayed by Representative Eric Cantor that annoyed you so much at the healthcare summit. Understand that your pleading to the Republicans has started to annoy those of us who look to you to govern this nation in the same manner that Eric Cantor’s printing of 2700 pages on single sided paper annoyed you in his attempt to make some silly point.

I know you care about our constitution and our system of government. I know that you worry about us dissolving into a one party state, however, Mr. President there is no one in the Republican Party willing to work with you in an honest manner. They don’t even negotiate with you in good faith. Olympia Snow never was honest in her support of this initiative. They even have a former VICE PRESIDENT of this country who actively campaigns for the failure of your administration! Who amongst them speak out against that CLOWN? Not a single one. Not even the news media. That Mr. President should tell you what type of company you’re in.

Mr. President, the Republicans have given you every opportunity to strike out on your own and repair some of the more debilitating ills that are affecting our nation. Above all the American People have given you all the reasons and authority to act alone. Begging the Republicans to participate says three things about you.

1. Either you care so much about them that you would risk exhausting yourself, our patience, and our support of you in an effort to get them to participate.

2. You are simply afraid or unwilling to lead and do it alone.

3. You are willing to subrogate your authority and role as Chief Executive to them.

It is okay to care but not to the point of foolishness. You are spending too much of our valuable time trying to convince them to come along. Who knows how many more times Eric Cantor is going to print that document out? That and your obsession with bipartisanship alone could add billions to our national debt. At this stage in the game when we hear you speaking to the Republicans about joining the fight for healthcare insurance reform our immediate reaction is, he’s wasting more time and time costs us as taxpayers.

If you fear going it alone Mr. President then one simply needs to remind you that you are going to be BLAMED for everything bad that has ever happened in this country. Anything good that happens during your presidency will be spun as BAD. That is the price you pay for “Being Black in America”. So get over it already. You are spending far too much of our time trying to speak to the souls of those who harbor ill feelings towards you. TIME is a valuable and scarce national resource. You can’t waste another moment trying to heal those with unsavory intentions. That should be left to the many religious and spiritual leaders that swell the very ranks of those groups determined to see your presidency fail at any cost.

Mr. President, you were put in office to heal this nation’s institutional problems not to heal the souls of the citizens.  Your obsession with bipartisanship is making us all tired. So if we are too tired to participate in upcoming elections, or too tired to write a letter to our congress persons or our newspaper editors, or too tired to write out a check and contribute, or if we’re too tired to get out and vote; understand that you may have had a hand in beating us down.

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1000 Questions

I’ve been trying desperately to understand this new push by the senate to get a public option passed through reconciliation.

Did the Administration and the Senate grow something, give the insurance industry just enough rope to hang itself, or was this simply a trap?

Did the insurance industry underestimate the current administration and congress’ ability to successfully address health insurance reform? Did it get played like a fiddle by this administration and congress? Did it act too soon by falling prey to the very greed that has driven this industry for years?

Did the insurance industry have just enough disdain and arrogance that it figured it could start gouging consumers long before the ink was dry on the death certificate of health insurance reform? Did it hedge its bet that it couldn’t lose in the health insurance reform debate? Did it make the calculated bet that the worse that would happen if reform failed would be that it would be left with the ability to raise premiums and to deny and drop coverage indiscriminately? Did it bet that if reform passed that it would not have a public option and a 30 million new customer jackpot would be hit with all obligated by law to purchase health insurance at whatever the market rate set by the insurance industry?

Did the insurance industry get caught believing the 24×7 hype about the struggles surrounding reform? Did it get trapped reading and listening to all of the negative information designed to motivate and drive the failure of Barack Obama, his administration, and oh by the way health insurance reform? Was it fooled into thinking that Jim DeMint and his gang of saboteurs could successfully defeat reform and bring Barack Obama to his waterloo?

Was the behavior of Anthem Blue Cross of California and the reports of its 30 to 39 percent major rate hike affecting 800, 000 policyholders really a harbinger of rising premiums?

Or was this the behavior that the administration and congress needed in order to move forward with health insurance reform?

And now Dianne Feinstein plans to introduce legislation that would bar insurance companies from enacting premium increases that the government deems unjustified.

Are we just lucky or is there something to this?

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Halloween – Neverland – Thriller – “JackO” Lanterns

Check out the “Jacko” Lantern photos starting to come in from Neverland


(Neverland Weekend Update October 3-4, 2009)

We headed out to Neverland today (quite frankly because some fans have complained that we haven’t updated the photo gallery in almost a month)…   🙂

Anyway we took some photos for you. It is amazing that Neverland is still quite an attraction. Fans were out Saturday and Sunday but let me tell you it was really windy and chilly Sunday. Winter is in the air around here. But we took lots of photos.

I want to take a moment and say thanks to the UP Ethonography Class ’09 for inviting me to join their virtual class. (Why does this sound like work?) LOL. Although I truly appreciate their invitation I want them to know that we are more concerned about their health and safety during this cyclone season and wish them safety during the passage of this latest storm. We also hope that they weren’t impacted by the previous storm.

You can see one of the class projects if you follow the UP link on the front page of the site or in the General Gallery.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

There have been inquiries about the high resolution copies of the photos. Anyone wanting a high resolution copy of a photo can simply send an email to wildweezle and we will send it to you promptly. (No charge). The email address is:

As usual the photos can be found at the following location:


They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!


They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!

Barack Obama can say that it is not about him as much as he wants but I have news for our esteemed President….

They hate you more than they love this country…. and I say THIS country because they feel that THEIR country was stolen from them in Nov ’08…

Many are asking if the behavior of some towards Barack Obama is based in racism. Well to calling it racism sugarcoats it. Let’s call it what is. Hate! Whether it manifests itself as a hatred of someone of a different race (racism) or the hatred of someone of a different gender (sexism)…  It is still hatred.

We only have ourselves to blame as we allowed the moralizers over the past 3 decades to impose their views on us all dressed up in some “family values” ethos. As we watch the behavior of those consumed by hatred displayed in front of us daily we wonder, how far will it go? How long will we have to witness the ignorance, jealousy, fear, disgust, anger, deceit, and dishonesty? How long will we have to endure “Taxpayer Protests” (tea parties) thinly disguised vehicles for racism? How long will we have to watch those protesting paying taxes who are the first to to look for tax shelters every April 15th or those who can only afford their homes because the government provides tax relief through mortgage interest deductions?

How long?

How long is it going to take the moralizers to stand up against the haters and their hatred towards the President and speak out against this outrageous behavior?

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