The Politics of Proximity and Derision

It is amazing how the McCain campaign continues to think that the Electorate is impressed by the politics of proximity and derision. in the the politics of proximity one acquires his political bona fides by being near, next, or close to a political situation. The continued arrogance and condescending nature of the McCain campaign is amazing. I’m almost at a state where I’m beginning to feel that maybe his campaign just doesn’t know what it is doing.

Case studies

Sarah Palin: Feels that just being close to Russia is sufficient for her to be qualified in foreign affairs.

In analyzing Sarah Palin’s speeches and responses, one notices that there is starkingly little that points to any experiences or accomplishments that would qualify her for the role of VP that she could possibly fill. Her arguments or assertions are always references to something that John McCain has done or some negative thing (whether true or false) that her opponent has done. This makes it extremely difficult to ferret out her qualifications. It is clear at this point that she is qualified through “appeal to authority” or better yet, name dropping, the practice of mentioning someone or something important or significant in an attempt to impress.

 John McCain: Feels being close to the negotiations on the financial bailout grants him authority to share in any associated success.

John McCain’s strategy of suspending his presidential campaign to go to Washington and inject himself into the financial bailout process is yet another example of the politics of proximity. This would not have been a problem had John McCain simply made the decision and executed it. Instead he had to make political drama and give us yet another act in the three ring circus that is the McCain campaign. His behavior around his challenge to Barack Obama to join him in this act was obscene. We all know that McCain and his circus handlers are digging deep to determine how they are going to use this for political gain and somehow try and convince us that he saved the day.

The problem with the McCain campaign is that we the electorate are fully aware of his campaign tactics and quite frankly, we’re tired of them. We’re looking for substance, quality, and character in order to discriminate his campaign from that of his opponent so we can make an informed decision for an election that is oh so close.

Right now the politics of proximity and derision don’t work on us McCain. Please tell us something substantial about you and not something negative about Obama!


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Wildweelze Issues an Open Challenge to the Nation

wildweezle challenges any American to explain the financial problem that Congress has been trying to solve for the last week!

Who amongst you truly knows what this problem is? We know what the solution is but what is the problem?


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Who Won The Debate? Sport or War between Good and Evil

One would have to ask, when did politics become a sport and is this healthy for our nation’s sacred political institutions? My fear is that many in America do consider our political process a sport and tend to choose sides in ways that are reminiscent of how they follow sport teams.

My engineering team and I were unable to watch the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain on TV in real-time last night because ironically we were presenting our concepts on enterprise governance to an engineering chapter in San Diego. The irony is that the lack of effective enterprise governance is the exact reason why our country is facing the financial crisis it finds itself in today.

The number of text and voice messages I received from others about the debate was astounding. We turned on the radio and listened to the news reporters, pundits, and supporters from each campaign.



The overwhelming cheer that we heard about Barack was, “Barack Obama should have been more aggressive and laid McCain out”. I sense that the supporters of Barack not only want to win, they want BLOOD. Clearly, they know that Barack was the best candidate in the debates last night and has been the better candidate on the campaign trail. I sense that this is no longer about Barack Obama and John McCain. Barack represents not only an opportunity to beat McCain but his supporters sense an opportunity to destroy George Bush and the Republican Party fueled lately by their intense desire to DESTROY Sarah Palin.

They want a complete EXORCISM and John McCain, Sarah Palin, George Bush, and the Republican Party represent the evil that must be evicted from our political institutions.


Their pent-up frustrations from the lies, deceit, distortion, and hypocrisy of the Bush Administration and the constant practice of using lies, deceit, distortion, and hypocrisy by the McCain campaign may have turned this religious. If that is case, I’m afraid we may see Roman Coliseum type behavior soon if not already. If this is true we will witness ETHNIC CLEANSING on Nov 4, 2008 and the Republican Party may not exist as it did on Nov 3, 2008. I think this is the reason for the revolt that is now occuring on Capitol Hill around the Financial Bailout with the House Republicans. They are trying to save their heads.

I will provide my impressions of the debate in a separate post.

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What a mockery of our political system.


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John McCain needs to make up his mind. Either the economy is fundamentally strong and the administration is lying to us, or it is not strong and it is about to crash and the administration has been lying to us.

Now you want to suspend the election cycle? This is a gimmick right, Mr. McCain? The election cycle is just one portion of our socio-econo-politico establishment and our election process MUST GO FORWARD. After you stood in front of this nation and made the statement, “the fundamentals of our economy are strong” and after being challenged, you spent the rest of the week trying to rationalize the statement with some silly explanation about the American Worker instead of just admitting that it was not the appropriate statement to make in the face of REALITY. Mr. McCain, did you really think that we were stupid to believe your explanation about the American Worker being strong and stable especially in light of rising unemployment, increased healthcare costs, rising foreclosures, decreasing real estate values, rising energy costs, etc. Mr. McCain, what Fundamentally Strong American Worker are you talking about?

You see Mr. McCain this is exactly what we’ve grown tired of. Apparently you are flip flopping EUC Aeropostale Brown Wedge Dress Sandals Flip flops 7 on whether the economy is strong and now all of a sudden, it is a crisis even to you, and you want us to suspend other critical activities in our socio-econo-politico system so that you can go back to Washington and somehow help those who are working the effort.

You said in your declaration, “the Bush administration’s Wall Street bailout plan seemed headed for defeat and a bipartisan solution was urgently needed.” Is that really it? Are you requesting that Barack Obama go along with your crazy idea of suspending key components of our election cycle so that you can go back to Washington and ensure that this dishonest administration’s bailout plan is passed?

We have made a turn Mr. McCain, ENOUGH, with the gimmicks and tomfoolery. Just like Dick Cheney going to Capitol Hill and trying to get us to accept this solution hook, line, and sinker and got run off of the Hill. I’m afraid that you will experience the same because no longer will we or our Representatives be intimidated into just accepting these whacked-out solutions and have them shoved down our throats. You’ve been saying lately, “change is on the way”, you’re right Mr. McCain!


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