Can we just shut them down now please?

These debates are a joke! We the electorate is not learning anything new from the candidates using this format; as a matter of fact they are beginning to impact the candidates in a negative manner. The MEDIA has struggled mightily over the last 10 years to find its IDENTITY and VALUE in this new age of INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE SHARING brought about by the INFORMATION RENAISSANCE. After many years of having the responsibility of SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION, the media has not adjusted easily to the loss of this role. This inability of the media to transform itself has created a VACUUM that has become debilitating to the media and a waste of time for public access to relevant information.

The media has not done a good job PLANNING and EXECUTING these debates. The stuff we heard from the candidates last night is the same stuff that we’ve heard from the candidates in the last debates, in their campaign speeches, and other information sources. It is ridiculous to believe that Tom Brokow and NBC had all of this time to prepare for last night’s debate and supposedly a pool of several million questions. So the best that they could do was to choose the SAME OLD QUESTIONS to elicit the SAME OLD ANSWERS. Both NBC and Tom Brokow should be ashamed of the debate put on last night.  The inability of the debate moderators to control the debate environment, preventing the candidates from taking over and ANSWERING the QUESTIONS the QUESTIONS that they CAN answer and not the QUESTIONS that were asked, is simply awful.

Let’s cancel the last debate for next week. I can’t begin to believe what they are going to ask these guys next week. What questions are they going to ask them that are going to be different? These shenanigans need to be STOPPED immediately. It’s ridiculous that we are involving the Electorate in this waste of time. The MEDIA just like the McCain campaign are LOST. Neither has a clue on how to transform themselves in the light of the new age of politics that we are now in. They missed the start of the political renaissance that began in this country approximately 6 to 7 years ago. The success of the Obama campaign is indicative of a campaign that understands that there is a political renaissance afoot and it is the only campaign that has demonstrated changes needed to successfully execute in this NEW AGE of politics.

The complete and utter failures of the McCain, Clinton, Giuliani, and Edwards’s campaigns are testament to the fact that ignorance of this change in American Politics is systemic. One would have expected that the Romney campaign would have been a formidable competitor to the Obama campaign; however, Romney is saddled with a party constrained by the single issue voter bloc of the religious right. Romney’s enterprise thinking and Obama’s transformation initiatives are the only campaigns that should be competing at this stage in the election season.

The failure of the media is appalling. Even with its tremendous access to information, knowledge, and shaping it too has not come to understand this political renaissance. How else can you explain why we are still faced with such dinosaurs as Pat Buchanan, Tom Brokow, opinion shows, Sean Hannity, round tables, Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Gibson, etc? All of these guys were very good journalist and political analyst in their day but they haven’t transformed to meet the challenges of this new age of politics. It is time for the news media to realize that it still plays a key role as an ENABLER to the public in making informed decisions but it does that by its capability to deliver timely, accurate, and responsive information and access. It no longer holds the role of SHAPING PUBLIC OPINION at least not in the manner in which it was done before.

It is time to stop the bleeding. It is time to stop the bleeding that is occurring in the McCain campaign. John McCain’s campaign is not a campaign shaped to compete in the new age of politics. It is crippled because it finds itself defending political attitudes that have long sense gone by the wayside. Attitudes that contribute no VALUE in solving the problems our political systems face. The only chance that the Republican Party had was Romney. It is time to stop the bleeding that is occurring in the Media because it is out of touch, hasn’t retooled, and it is starting to become a caricature of itself.

Be advised Media, our Economic and Social Systems are in a renaissance period also.

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