For Michael Jackson Fans

We were set to unveil the mystery photo below on sunday but circumstances dictate that we must wait until next week. A series of photos will be posted for the enjoyment of fans over the coming weeks.

We added another photo as a clue for those guessing. If you think you know what it is don’t hestitate to post your guess in the comments section.

Hey, we need suggestions on what we should do around Neverland for Michael’s birthday which is August 29th.

Go here for the photo:

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Neverland Update Sunday July 26, 2009

First off please stop us when we decide to do a 100 mile bike ride in 102 degree heat. Just stop us already.

Today’s update includes shots from Neverland, the little Dutch Town of Solvang, and other surrounding areas. Check out the miniature ponies in the Quicksilver Ranch photos. In the Neverland photos there are shots of the gates opening and the ritual that the security guards go through when opening and closing the gates. Yes one of the kids was bold enough to try and get in. The security guards ran her away however. It was classic. The security guards are becoming quite engaging these days. They all seem to be getting acclimated to the crowds.

There was more than one engaging the crowds today. In the Neverland photos you can see the guards standing behind the fence chatting with the crowds. There was no let-up in visitors today. You can really see the ebb and flow of the crowds. We spent about 45 minutes there. At some point someone is going to capitalize on this opportunity very soon. I don’t know when but it is going to happen. There is this fear among the guards about August 29th, Michael’s birthday. The family was hoping that the visits would have ended by now. Just won’t happen. The only thing that would help them at this point is El Nino coming in.

Today’s images are posted at the following link under General Gallery 7-26-2009:

Well we’re down to less than a week before we find out what really happened to Michael. We all know the three scenarios so there is no need to discuss them here.

By the way, there have been many requests for copies of the high resolution image files of some of the photos we’ve posted. Wildweezle has agreed to provide the high resolution images upon request. Examples of the high resolution images are posted here:

Please provide the gallery name (e.g. General Gallery 10, July 26, 2009) and the file name (e.g. IMG_4257) to the following email:

Be advised that any request that doesn’t include the words please or thanks will not be answered. Requests containing both words will be serviced immediately. Images will have a copyright notice on them. Remember these are high resolution images therefore the file size will be large typically around 5MB. This is a free service so please be courteous.

Thanks and see you next weekend,

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Stupid is as stupid does.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Three Stooges; Professor Henry Louis Gates, Sergeant James Crowley, and President Barack Hussein Obama. I’m compelled to comment on the “The Cambridge MA Arrest Incident”. Have you ever seen three very important men in our society act in such an immature manner? Whether it was a celebrated and accomplished policeman and professor caught up in a snit with neither one willing to back down or the president who decides to speak out for a friend.

So now this trio’s little snit dominates the news with just about everyone acting in a kneejerk manner and choosing sides. My fellow citizens, when are we going to stop doing this? Especially the TV and Radio pundits who are so geared to suck a dollar out of every incident we are faced with. They have analyzed this incident to death. Let me just say, this incident doesn’t demand any detail analysis or scrutiny beyond the first three minutes of the initial encounter between the policeman and the professor.

It is proven that when doing a root cause analysis of any incident involving two or more adults it is safe to say that the root cause can be found within the first 3 minutes of the encounter. It is no different for the Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Louis Gates encounter. As a matter of fact this is a classic adult encounter that turned ugly and what is really interesting is that it is documented and described brilliantly in Sgt. James Crowley’s police report. Anyone who goes farther than the first 3 minutes of this encounter is simply looking to generate trouble or is driven to defend one or more of the participants for personal reasons. It is imperative that we all learn to be objective and fair in these matters or at a minimum give the impression that we are, especially our friends in the media.

Well let’s just sum it up.

The police report can be found here:

Using Sgt. James Crowley’s police report, is there anywhere in his report that describes the first 3 minutes of his encounter with Professor Gates? By George, as luck would have it, look at paragraph 1, page 2, and sentences 1 through 7. You can now see why Sgt. Crowley’s fellow officers and all of the police unions have high regard for him. In these 7 sentences he has described in detail the initial 3 minutes and those 7 sentences tell us everything we need in order to understand what happened.

We know that the dutiful officer Sgt. Crowley was placed at the scene by responding to a possible home invasion crime at Professor Gates’ home address because he was close by. We also know that Professor Gates was placed at the scene because, well quite frankly, it turns out to be his home.

After arriving at the scene Sgt. Crowley spoke with the concerned neighbor after which he turns and walks up the stairs to Professor Gates’ door. He observed an older gentleman in the home and he made sure that he was in plain view so that the older gentleman could see him. Well it is safe to say they both could see each other. Sgt. Crowley asked the older gentleman, “will you step onto to the porch and speak with me”.

Well this was the beginning of the end. You know what’s missing in this report from the otherwise brilliant description of the first 3 minutes of the incident is, what was Sgt. Crowley observing Professor Gates doing while they both stood in plain view of each other? Would a suspected burglar continue to burglarize while in plain view of a police officer? Hmmm.

So Professor Gates responded to Sgt. Crowley’ request to come outside onto the porch and speak with him with, “no I will not” and demanded to know who the officer was. Okay, does anyone out there besides me see where this “National Snit” could have ended right here?

Sgt. Crowley, being in plain view of someone doesn’t verify or validate that you are really a police officer. Oh and Sgt. Crowley, if you haven’t reached out to the community and the citizens don’t know you, have you ever stopped to think that you might be seen as a stranger until proven otherwise? We teach our citizens from the time that they are able to understand to “never open the door for a stranger”. Since the national media has made this a “right or wrong” issue, please someone, tell me what was wrong with Professor Gates demanding to know who the officer was?

Anyway, escalation is occurring. A routine police call is beginning to spin out of control. Spin out of control? Well let’s address this because since this is police initiated activity it is incumbent upon the law enforcement officer to maintain order while enforcing the law. It is his responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t escalate into anything higher.

So how would Sgt. Crowley maintain order while enforcing the law? Well according to his fellow officers, the police unions, all the right-wing pundits (my God, who let them into this discussion), and the remaining apologist for how Sgt. Crowley behaved, this seemingly routine investigation should have been a walk in the park for such a celebrated officer. It should never have resulted in an arrest.

 Presentation and messaging, oh my. You know, I’m still baffled and confused as to why Sgt. Crowley felt that just because he was in plain view that someone should just accept the fact that he was a police officer. A uniform does not a police officer make that is why they have a badge and an ID. It should not have been unreasonable for citizen Gates to request this information if he were skeptical.

If Sgt. Crowley is as accomplished as all of his fellow officers and the police unions swear he is, I’m certain that he could have calmed the situation by simply providing information identifying himself to Professor Gates. It amazes me that the right-wing fools out there especially the “birthers” always say, “Well President Obama could shut down this cry about him not being a citizen by providing a birth certificate”. Now they use a different standard for this police officer. Why? Oh I know why just thought I would tease you.

So Sgt. Crowley’s approach agitated Professor Gates as well it should have. We also see that after the initial 3 minutes that the whole idea about a possible crime in progress flies right out the window. It is safe to say that we can stop reading the remainder of the police report because now, the EGOS have landed! It is now the accomplished and celebrated officer against the accomplished and celebrated professor.

You must all forgive me but I’m still trying to understand why Officer Crowley feels that one should take his word that he is a police officer simply because he said he was. Maybe an officer who has made outreach into the community could be afforded such an attitude but someone who hasn’t…. hmmm I don’t know. This confuses me.

Okay, I won’t insult your intelligence anymore because we all see the “stupidity here and why the incident spun out of control. But I do have a question for the Sgt. Crowley apologists. Would you just step outside of your house if a supposed policeman who you weren’t familiar with came to your door and asked you to step outside? We know you wouldn’t and we also know you would demand more information before you came anywhere near your door and unlocked it.

Professor Gates’ should never have had to ask Sgt. Crowley who he was!

I repeat, Sgt. Crowley should never have had to ask Sgt. Crowley who he was!

That courtesy should have been a key component of Sgt. Crowley’s presentation and it wasn’t and what’s worse is that all of his fellow officers and the police unions actually see a stellar performance by Sgt. Crowley. That is another tease you moment. Once again, the danger in this is that citizens are being asked to accept anyone in uniform as being official until proven otherwise. That is really a dangerous proposition.

So now that the situation has boiled over it is time to see whose feelings end up getting hurt. Sides are being taken and teams are being formed. Someone has to come out a winner. Someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. Where are the folks out there who think that both of guys are A–holes?

So the accomplished Harvard Professor who apparently had to break into his home because either he lost his key or suddenly forgot how to use it. Did the professor ever stop to think that maybe his breaking into his home might cause a noise that would startle neighbors? Did the professor ever stop to think that someone might have witnessed his actions and became concerned? Did the Professor ever stop to think that the job of a policeman is to investigate crimes, even possible crimes?

Why didn’t Professor Gates take the opportunity to rise above the situation and de-escalate the rising tensions? Even if Professor Gates was in his home why couldn’t he take the opportunity to explain his concerns to the officer? After all he is an accomplished and celebrated teacher and mentor as those defending him would have you believe. Why didn’t he take the opportunity to make a difference by stepping up and taking the lead? His actions could have gone a long way in helping police relations especially in those minority communities that the President mentioned in his response. Improving police relations in our communities is not a one-way street. Improved community relations are not just going to happen because we want the officers to be more sensitive and correct their behavior. It is imperative that all of us especially in the minority communities do our parts in helping our law enforcement officials understand our concerns. Professor Gates missed a very important teaching moment. Why? You know why, I’m just teasing you.

Well what would a good domestic dispute between two hard-headed EGOS be without dragging the president of United States into it? Mr. Obama infamously described the Cambridge Police Department as having behaved stupidly in this incident? So all hell broke loose and what does the President do? He backs away from his comment instead of making every person do homework and read the police report. I guarantee you that after he had read the description of the first 3 minutes of the encounter between Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates; he would use words stronger than stupidly.

But the President’s problem was that he was at a presidents press conference and took the side of his friend over the police officer. Does anyone other than me see the problem here? Mr. Obama stood in Grant Park on election night and told us he would be the president of all Americans. As President Mr. Obama you don’t have the luxury of being biased. I understand that you explained that you didn’t have all of the facts so at that point he should have withheld judgment. You certainly should have used that moment as a teaching moment and describe how Professor Gates could have gone a long way in helping to improve community relations by speaking to the officer about his concerns rather than shouting across the entire Eastern Seaboard that the kid was racist. After all Mr. President you have been taking a lot of criticism of late about your message of personal responsibility during speeches to African-American audiences. Shouldn’t your African-American friend Mr. Gates have taken personal responsibility and helped Sgt. Crowley understand his concerns? Fair and balance Mr. President.

Well as I said before anything in Sgt. Crowley’s police report past the 7th sentence of paragraph one of page 2 is totally irrelevant to the argument. After that point what is documented in the report is a cause to have both of them placed in time-out or better yet arrested and booked.

I realize that everyone has a bad day or an off day. I’m willing to give all three of these gentlemen the benefit of the doubt. The best thing that can happen is for them to go out and get drunk and work out their issues. Afterwards they owe the American public an apology for bringing us into such a childish snit.

By the way for the leaders at the Cambridge Police Department who have read this police report especially paragraph 1 of page 2 which describes the initial encounter between Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates; if you don’t understand the gross breakdown in Sgt. Crowley’s presentation then you should be removed from your leadership roles in law enforcement immediately.

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Neverland Update For July 25th

Drove out to Los Olivos and Neverland today. The flags are still at half staff in Los Olivos. Incidentally if you look at today’s photos you will see that Los Olivos is doing quite well these days.

It was still hot.

Visitors are still flowing continuously in and out of the area. Tried to get some gossip but the guard was not too forthcoming and no other locals were available. The guard did come and hang out on the fence and engage visitors in conversation. We asked if there were any decisions on a burial or permanent memorial at Neverland. He shrugged and said, “I had no clue”.

I guess the authorities gave up on discouraging people from going out to Neverland. However the orderly manner in which visitors are behaving has to be encouraging. The security guard did provide the following tidbit of information: It appears that Neverland is the only where people are still visiting in large numbers in order to pay tribute to Mike. Neverland also seems to be attracting a heavily international crowd. This could be due to its proximity to Solvang.

There are quite a few photos from today posted on wildweelze at the following location. See General Gallery 7-24-2009:

The photos include shots of some of the wineries located near Neverland specifically along Foxen Canyon Road. Check them out.

Hopefully we will find out some gossip when we trek out tomorrow. We will be biking (a 97 mile round trip) so any photos or updates will come late.

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Neverland Update: Is the Jackson Family Trying to Make Millions?

Before I get to the Neverland update I have to address the latest goings on in the news. Recently we’ve had the opportunity to view several videos and photos of Michael Jackson; the Pepsi commercial head burning incident and the photos from the child molestation case of Michael’s leg where we got to see what Michael Jackson called a spider bite. So let’s just take the spider bite photo.

Most of the carping and caterwauling that occurred after the release of that photo resulted in rumor, speculation, and innuendo over the sore/scar and what caused it and in particular the marks in and around that sore/scar. All of the talking heads have surmised that these marks were needle marks (please look up the definition of surmise). Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe these talking heads should be working as intelligence analysts in our esteem intelligence departments? Anyone who can look at those 2D photos of Michael’s legs and tell us what was going on in Michael’s life is a prodigy and simply amazing. Thank God it takes more to be an intelligence analyst than just being anointed by CNN and given a timeslot in which to say anything that will go uncontested.

But you know the most important thing that those photos show are the blotches that appear to be caused by the disease Vitiligo. So why haven’t the talking heads pointed this out? I would think that if they were as good as they are in determining needle marks that they certainly would be able to see the ravages of Vitiligo. Is it because they are dishonest and don’t won’t to apologize for contributing to the spread of lies about Michael Jackson bleaching his skin because he hated his blackness. It really would be good to hear just one of them simply admit that the kid had the disease. They could certainly go back to their lies, rumors, and innuendo afterwards.

One particular talking head on CNN, Nancy Grace, who seems to substitute bellowing in a high screechy voice with research said on her Wednesday show after being told that Michael Jackson explained the sore/scar as a spider bite, “I don’t believe that, it’s not like Michael Jackson was wandering out in the wild….”


Does that un-researched bubblehead realize that Neverland IS IN THE WILD? Furthermore if she had done some research she would know that there is high spider density in the Santa Ynez and Santa Maria Valleys because of the high concentration of agriculture and viticulture activities.

Just wondering why our media can’t be honest.

Thanks for enduring this rant.

Anyway, on to the Neverland update.

Nothing much today but for those of you who feel that the Jackson family is trying to make billions off of Michael Jackson’s death, check this little baby out. I rode out to Neverland this afternoon. I wanted to find out the results of the “smoozing up” meeting for Neverland neighbors but I had no luck. I did have a conversation with one law enforcement official who rode out to check on the daily pilgrimages. He mentioned that the Jackson Family wanted the pilgrimages to end.

Now that is funny!




Now before you think I’m being disrespectful, this laughter is out of respect for both the Jackson Family and all of the Jackson Fans.

Well County Officials addressed the request of the family by removing the porta-potties in an attempt to make visiting Neverland inconvenient for the visitors. Yea that will stop the pilgrimages. Well fans and entrepreneurs were still there and the continuous stream of fans coming and going is never ending. Proof of this is in the wreaths that you see on the gates. Most of you may have noticed that the original wreaths were white and the current wreaths are red. (You can see them here: Well there is a custom in the area of removing flowers from wreaths as a token to remember someone by. Well the visitors apparently plucked the white wreaths down to the foam so they had to be replaced. They were replaced with the red ones. Well, today they had to replace the red ones also. I guess you can probably use this act to roughly determine the amount of visitors.

I hope the Jackson Family hasn’t fallen into the negativity that the media is spouting out. I think that they really need to understand that Michael Jackson was really loved by many around the world and especially loved on the Central Coast of California regardless of what the media is portraying. Neverland is seen as Michael’s home and is the most salient physical component of Michael’s legacy that a fan can be near. Fans are coming to Neverland for many reasons and one of those reasons is to use Neverland as a catharsis for many of the negative emotions that they experience when hearing about Michael a love one in the media.

So the noise about the Jackson Family looking to make billions off of Michael’s death doesn’t seem to be real at the moment. This family is facing the challenge of a fan base that could visit the gates of Neverland for many years to come. A huge test comes next month; Michael’s birthday is August 29th. I don’t think removing the porta-potties is going to work.

  1. I will post photos Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the happenings. You will be able to find them here:
  2. I will continue to seek out the results of the “smoozing up” dinner held this week.
  3. Forgot to informed visitors that this is a bike dense area and many cyclist are on the roads. In fact this is one of the areas where Lance Armstrong and team train. Please slow down and beware of cyclists. Although that blind curve is tempting, there could be a number of cyclists materialize rapidly out of the blind.
  4. Still hot.
  5. The porta potties have been removed. If you don’t like going in the woods you are 5.5 miles from the nearest porta-potty.
  6. Los Olivos is still doing well.
  7. Visitors are still coming and going.
  8. Visitors are still well behaved.

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