The Uneducated Assault on Our Government

In the debate on health insurance reform there have been many claims by opponents of the initiative that they do not want the government getting involved in healthcare. Well first off, the government is already involved in healthcare. The point they insist on making is that the government can’t run an enterprise and they like to site the Post Office as an example because some Right Wing talk show host said it and of course because they don’t have an original thought they repeat it to support their arguments.

Well, let me come to the defense of our government which does many things well and is always monitoring and assessing for improvements. Take Transportation for example. There are several components of transportation that our government is responsible for full lifecycle management. Here is a short list of activities that our government does well when providing transportation services:

Land Based Transportation

  • The Interstate System
  • The State Highway System
  • Assured navigation through GPS
  • Assured positioning through GPS
  • Assured reliability of public highways
  • Assured availability of public highways
  • Ground Transport Support Services
  • Ground Collision Avoidance Services
  • Traffic Flow Services
  • Vehicle Operation and Certification Services
  • etc

Water Based Transportation

  • Corp of Engineers Services
  • Terrestrial Navigation Services
  • River and Inland Channel Navigation Services
  • Port System and Services
  • Assured Maritime Safety Services
  • Marine Rescue
  • Marine Collision Avoidance Services
  • Marine Transport Support Services
  • Marine Traffic Conflict Assessment Services
  • Assured Worldwide Waterway Navigation through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Waterway Positioning through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Timing using GPS
  • Collision Avoidance Services
  • Marine Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Rail Based Transportation

  • Assured Rail Navigation through GPS
  • Assured Rail Positioning through GPS
  • Rail Transport Support Services
  • Rail Collision Avoidance Services
  • Assured Rail Safety
  • Assured Rail availability
  • Assured Rail Reliability
  • Rail Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Air Based Transportation

  • Assured Air Safety
  • Effective Air Traffic Flow Services
  • Assured Worldwide Air navigation through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Air Positioning through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Timing through GPS
  • Reliable Airport Facilities
  • Air Collision Avoidance Services
  • Available Airport Facilities
  • Air Transport Support Services
  • Federal Employees health Benefits Program
  • Air Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Space Based Transportation

  • Assured access to, through, and from Space
  • Assured Safety to Life, Limb, and Property during launch operations
  • Space Transport Support Services
  • Space Collision Avoidance Services
  • Space Weather Services
  • Space Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Those were just a few areas within the transportation domain where our Government performs well. Many of the people who invested an entire weekend to protest the Government are uneducated, ill-informed, or just dumb when it comes to understanding the capabilities of our Government. Many of these protestors took a ferry, the rail, or drove safely on our highways to an airport where they were processed efficiently and placed on a safe flight to Washington D.C. in order to scream and yell about the incompetence of our Government and its inability to run anything.

I think we all know where the incompetence lies.

Running a Public Insurance Option should be simple.

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  1. Well, you have to admit. Government is pretty incompetent when Republicans have control. Look at FEMA.

    • I do agree that there was a complete breakdown during Katrina caused by incompetent leadership. Also there were similar breakdowns leading to 9/11 and the financial crisis.

      Leadership is one of those capability areas that can make an entire enterprise or nation appear to be incompetent.

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