Corporations and Personhood

So the Supreme Court said that corporations were “people. It equated corporate identity with that of individual identify. In effect it granted corporations personhood.

One would have to assume that once the ruling was made, all corporations were immediately “naturalized” as citizens so they could enjoy the rights and PROTECTIONS granted by the US Constitution to individuals.

If indeed a corporation is a person as argued by the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Common (N0. 08-205) should they not also be constrained by the same campaign finance laws that affect individual ‘human” persons and the legal limits on how much they can contribute to campaigns. Shouldn’t a corporation now have to comply with the following Individual contribution limits imposed on individuals contributing to candidates for all Federal offices?

  • $2,400 per Election to a Federal candidate — Each primary, runoff, and general election counts as a separate election.
  • $30,400 per calendar year to a national party committee — applies separately to a party’s national committee, and House and Senate campaign committee.
  • $10,000 per calendar year to state, district & local party committees
  • $5,000 per calendar year to state, district & local party committee

Aggregate Total — $115,500 per two-year election cycle as follows:

  • $45,600 per two-year cycle to candidates
  • $69,000 per two-year cycle to all national party committees and PAC

So did the Supreme Court actually tie the hands of corporations and drastically reduce and limit campaign contribution amounts by granting them personhood and individual identity?

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1000 Questions

I’ve been trying desperately to understand this new push by the senate to get a public option passed through reconciliation.

Did the Administration and the Senate grow something, give the insurance industry just enough rope to hang itself, or was this simply a trap?

Did the insurance industry underestimate the current administration and congress’ ability to successfully address health insurance reform? Did it get played like a fiddle by this administration and congress? Did it act too soon by falling prey to the very greed that has driven this industry for years?

Did the insurance industry have just enough disdain and arrogance that it figured it could start gouging consumers long before the ink was dry on the death certificate of health insurance reform? Did it hedge its bet that it couldn’t lose in the health insurance reform debate? Did it make the calculated bet that the worse that would happen if reform failed would be that it would be left with the ability to raise premiums and to deny and drop coverage indiscriminately? Did it bet that if reform passed that it would not have a public option and a 30 million new customer jackpot would be hit with all obligated by law to purchase health insurance at whatever the market rate set by the insurance industry?

Did the insurance industry get caught believing the 24×7 hype about the struggles surrounding reform? Did it get trapped reading and listening to all of the negative information designed to motivate and drive the failure of Barack Obama, his administration, and oh by the way health insurance reform? Was it fooled into thinking that Jim DeMint and his gang of saboteurs could successfully defeat reform and bring Barack Obama to his waterloo?

Was the behavior of Anthem Blue Cross of California and the reports of its 30 to 39 percent major rate hike affecting 800, 000 policyholders really a harbinger of rising premiums?

Or was this the behavior that the administration and congress needed in order to move forward with health insurance reform?

And now Dianne Feinstein plans to introduce legislation that would bar insurance companies from enacting premium increases that the government deems unjustified.

Are we just lucky or is there something to this?

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They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!


They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!

Barack Obama can say that it is not about him as much as he wants but I have news for our esteemed President….

They hate you more than they love this country…. and I say THIS country because they feel that THEIR country was stolen from them in Nov ’08…

Many are asking if the behavior of some towards Barack Obama is based in racism. Well to calling it racism sugarcoats it. Let’s call it what is. Hate! Whether it manifests itself as a hatred of someone of a different race (racism) or the hatred of someone of a different gender (sexism)…  It is still hatred.

We only have ourselves to blame as we allowed the moralizers over the past 3 decades to impose their views on us all dressed up in some “family values” ethos. As we watch the behavior of those consumed by hatred displayed in front of us daily we wonder, how far will it go? How long will we have to witness the ignorance, jealousy, fear, disgust, anger, deceit, and dishonesty? How long will we have to endure “Taxpayer Protests” (tea parties) thinly disguised vehicles for racism? How long will we have to watch those protesting paying taxes who are the first to to look for tax shelters every April 15th or those who can only afford their homes because the government provides tax relief through mortgage interest deductions?

How long?

How long is it going to take the moralizers to stand up against the haters and their hatred towards the President and speak out against this outrageous behavior?

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The Uneducated Assault on Our Government

In the debate on health insurance reform there have been many claims by opponents of the initiative that they do not want the government getting involved in healthcare. Well first off, the government is already involved in healthcare. The point they insist on making is that the government can’t run an enterprise and they like to site the Post Office as an example because some Right Wing talk show host said it and of course because they don’t have an original thought they repeat it to support their arguments.

Well, let me come to the defense of our government which does many things well and is always monitoring and assessing for improvements. Take Transportation for example. There are several components of transportation that our government is responsible for full lifecycle management. Here is a short list of activities that our government does well when providing transportation services:

Land Based Transportation

  • The Interstate System
  • The State Highway System
  • Assured navigation through GPS
  • Assured positioning through GPS
  • Assured reliability of public highways
  • Assured availability of public highways
  • Ground Transport Support Services
  • Ground Collision Avoidance Services
  • Traffic Flow Services
  • Vehicle Operation and Certification Services
  • etc

Water Based Transportation

  • Corp of Engineers Services
  • Terrestrial Navigation Services
  • River and Inland Channel Navigation Services
  • Port System and Services
  • Assured Maritime Safety Services
  • Marine Rescue
  • Marine Collision Avoidance Services
  • Marine Transport Support Services
  • Marine Traffic Conflict Assessment Services
  • Assured Worldwide Waterway Navigation through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Waterway Positioning through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Timing using GPS
  • Collision Avoidance Services
  • Marine Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Rail Based Transportation

  • Assured Rail Navigation through GPS
  • Assured Rail Positioning through GPS
  • Rail Transport Support Services
  • Rail Collision Avoidance Services
  • Assured Rail Safety
  • Assured Rail availability
  • Assured Rail Reliability
  • Rail Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Air Based Transportation

  • Assured Air Safety
  • Effective Air Traffic Flow Services
  • Assured Worldwide Air navigation through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Air Positioning through GPS
  • Assured Worldwide Timing through GPS
  • Reliable Airport Facilities
  • Air Collision Avoidance Services
  • Available Airport Facilities
  • Air Transport Support Services
  • Federal Employees health Benefits Program
  • Air Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Space Based Transportation

  • Assured access to, through, and from Space
  • Assured Safety to Life, Limb, and Property during launch operations
  • Space Transport Support Services
  • Space Collision Avoidance Services
  • Space Weather Services
  • Space Operations and Certification Services
  • etc

Those were just a few areas within the transportation domain where our Government performs well. Many of the people who invested an entire weekend to protest the Government are uneducated, ill-informed, or just dumb when it comes to understanding the capabilities of our Government. Many of these protestors took a ferry, the rail, or drove safely on our highways to an airport where they were processed efficiently and placed on a safe flight to Washington D.C. in order to scream and yell about the incompetence of our Government and its inability to run anything.

I think we all know where the incompetence lies.

Running a Public Insurance Option should be simple.

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What are the benefits of electing an African-American to the Presidency?

The noise over the behavior of Senator Joe Wilson puzzles me. It should not come as a surprise to any citizen of this country that he would behave in the manner in which he did, as a matter of fact, judging from how we’ve degraded over the last several decades, I think we got off easy with him simply shouting “you lie” at the President of the United States. It’s ironic that the person who campaigned and ended up winning on HOPE may end up being the HOPE and answer to the moral, spiritual, social, financial, intellectual, you name it decline that has been gripping our country for so many decades. The HOPE is in the fact that the election of Barack Obama, an African-American, may have stopped us from heading over the cliff at breakneck speed.

So let’s find a silver lining in the dark clouds that have arisen from the outrageous acts of disrespect, contempt, and irreverence perpetrated by some of our citizenry such as:

  • The De-legitimization of Barack Obama’s Presidency.
  • The campaign to disallow students from listening to the President greet and welcome them back for the new school year and encourage them to be all that they can be.
  • Lashing out at him with hateful labels such as Domestic Terrorist, Nazi, Socialist, and Undocumented Alien.
  • The display of a total lack of respect for an African-American as the leader of the greatest country in the world.

The ushering in of a new and different administration over the last 7 months has also brought about an array of emotions that seem to be tearing at the very soul of this society; From joy to anger; depression to elation; anxiety to hope; skepticism to faith; cynicism to encouragement; and irrational fears. I recently had a friend suggest that I go out and make friends with an African-American in order to deal with these emotions and what is happening in our society. His simple premise was that African-Americans have had to deal with the schizophrenia and abuse of the American Political system for hundreds of years and as a result have developed significant and effective defense mechanisms to the ebbs and flows of the craziness that is our nation’s politics. Well I did and I now have a place to find solace when I see the troubling scenes played out before me and I have experienced many teachable moments so much so that I now refer to my friend as the Oracle.

After interfacing with the Oracle I’m finally beginning to understand Barack Obama. The Oracle introduced me to two exceptional skills possessed by African-Americans; unprecedented patience and extraordinary restraint. Both of these were so demonstrative during the President’s speech on healthcare insurance reform to the joint session of congress this past week.

The President after many months of being publicly disrespected, ridiculed, and disparaged by the morally bankrupt among us still insists on being the statesman and leader which the office he holds demands. He has shown unyielding respect and reverence for our sacred institution of governance while promoting the public good. He displayed this extraordinary and remarkable restraint in the face of Congressman Joe Wilson who was driven to irreverence in the hallowed halls of congress.

I asked the Oracle what was behind this patience and restraint and how could Barack Obama not yield to the temptation to go into the depths of hell where those who oppose him live or visit on a daily basis? He told me to look at the history of our nation. Their hell is gloom, despair, desperation, despondency, discouragement, and hopelessness. This is a place Barack Obama refuses to go. It is in his genes a lesson learned many years ago. As the Civil Rights workers endured torturous behavior they held firm in their commitments and eventually won their battles. No amount of humiliation, water hoses, debasement, lynching, and degradation would sway them from their cause of making America a more perfect union. Barack Obama learned valuable life lessons from the African-American community and the results of those lessons are now on display. We will be a better nation and society as a result if we choose to learn from them.

Barack Obama understands that the office of the president is much larger than Barack Obama and that he must respect this office at all costs because this was the office that led the cause for freedom of millions from the evil and peculiar institution of slavery. Barack Obama will never desecrate the office of the President of the United States. That is a fact that all American Citizens will never have to doubt. We are lucky that Barack Obama came around. Barack Obama is not the savior, he is not the chosen one, he is not God, and he is not the Messiah. What Barack Obama is however is principled, a character trait that has been missing from our leaders and us in the past several decades.

What this country and the world got with the election of Barack Obama was a dramatic change in the integrity bar which was raised significantly higher simply because he is African-American. It is a fact that a presidency held by a woman or a minority is held to far stricter standards than a presidency of Bill Clinton, George Bush, or Ronald Regan. No waivers or slipups allowed for an Obama presidency! If President Obama even thought about doing something wrong he would be impeached on the spot. We know this. Barack Obama knows this and just like the soldiers who will perform the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives today in far-away lands Barack Obama has made the ultimate sacrifice to honor and respect the office he holds and to ensure that no personal propensities will ever come before our institution of governance. So we benefit by getting a principled administration.

An example of how these higher standards are beginning to take hold can be found in the exchange between President Obama and Congressman Wilson. The President was pointing out known falsehoods that had taken root over the last several months in the discussion of health insurance reform. He labeled such falsehoods as lies which are precisely what they are. We have been reluctant in recent years to be willing to call a lie a lie but let us not forget that recent history shows us that if we don’t we could end up in a military campaign that we all live to regret.

Another benefit to our society is that an administration led by a woman or an African-American would require players with impeccable behavior and skills. This is because it would be under constant surveillance for the smallest of flaws. This is borne out in the recent resignations in the administration of some who may have had less than impeccable manners in the past.

The Oracle shared his thoughts about the political landscape and the players involved. He told me that our political system had become a blood sport where the players are not working for the common good and the basic welfare of the people but instead it had become a battleground for satisfying our individual failings through sometimes silly political wins at the expense of our nation.

He saw Republicans as NOPERS, Conservatives as HATERS, Democrats as Strugglers for “Yes We Can”, and Progressives as the OG New Age THINKERS. The NOPERS are those with no solutions so they just say NO to everything. The HATERS are the ones who “hate anything that wasn’t invented here”. The Yes We Cans are risk adverse which makes them appear perpetually hesitant. The New Agers want to put THINKING and science back into everything and feel that anything can be accomplished, now.

I asked the Oracle what stood out most for him in the President’s speech to the Congress, expecting to hear him vent about Congressman Wilson. Instead he told me that he was surprised how the President had a hard time calling out the NOPER/HATERS on what would they do for health insurance reform and where are their solutions. The Oracle said that he should have simply used the Chinese proverb:

Don’t Curse the DARK, Shine a LIGHT!

Everyone knows the NOPERS/HATERS have no solutions as a matter of fact they held up 19 empty pages and called it the “Republican Alternative Budget”.

The Oracle is somewhat skeptical about the New Agers. He says he has modeled their behavior and can tell how much active racial integration is occurring in our society based on how much patience is being displayed by that group with the President. The degree of anxiety and lack of patience would not be as high as it is if they were actively engaged in the African-American community. His advice to New Agers:

First get an African-American friend.


The New Age will not be realized in 10 months!

As the West African proverb goes:

“When you’re RIGHT, you can afford to be PATIENT”!

One thing the Oracle wanted the New Agers to know is that they greatly outnumber the NOPERS/HATERS regardless of how loud the Right Wing echo machine sounds.

The Oracle tells me that he is especially amazed at how much attention Democrats/Progressives pay to Right Wing media players like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. He says that Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity are consumed by the Guilt of Their Failings. Whether it is Limbaugh who built a following preaching about the failings of the druggies in our society while being guilty of the same sins, all three men in their educational failings, or their failures to stand up to the challenges in this world. These individuals have never reconciled with their failings and those demons haunt them every moment of the day. The American Public has to live the personal conflicts that are waged inside each of these men on a daily basis. Many of us are drawn into these battles of personal demons with them and quite frankly some of us simply like to watch and be entertained by the display of their inner conflicts. They are paid handsome salaries as a result.

But for those moving forward no legitimacy should be spared on these clowns. The time spent watching, listening, and analyzing them is valuable time that is being taken away from making our nation a more perfect union. These clowns should be laughed at each and every time they open their mouths. This was an old trick used by slaves against slave owners. Simply laugh. It would drive slave owners stark raving mad. It got so bad that laughing barrels were introduced. Since we don’t have to put our heads in laughing barrels these days let’s hear the bellows all over this land. The louder the laugher the less effective and serious the ramblings of these clowns become.

Our political institutions have been plagued with dishonesty, deceit, and hypocrisy in recent years. Electing an African-American as President is having and indirect effect of cleaning up our politics because of the natural tendency to overachieve and ensure those in the administration keep their noses clean and those in opposition exhausting themselves and their resources in their hunt to discredit it.

If Barack doesn’t do anything else in his Presidency he has given America the opportunity to raise her standards and to once again behave with dignity and integrity. And let’s not forget the most critical contribution that he has given us. He has motivated and empowered a new generation and awakened a seasoned generation to take the reins of our institutions and to willingly serve with integrity and within principle. The standards of merit in our country have been raised considerably because of the simple act of electing an African-American as President. So don’t be alarmed or surprised at the behavior of Congressman Wilson, look at the benefits being derived from Obama’s election.

The Oracle has one final comment on the President and how he likes to end his speeches with the phrase, “God bless you and God bless America”. Well the Oracle shared with me a saying from a well-known African-American Minister named Dr. Frederick Price who says:

You’re not BLESSED until you have become someone else’s BLESSING”.

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