They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!


They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!

Barack Obama can say that it is not about him as much as he wants but I have news for our esteemed President….

They hate you more than they love this country…. and I say THIS country because they feel that THEIR country was stolen from them in Nov ’08…

Many are asking if the behavior of some towards Barack Obama is based in racism. Well to calling it racism sugarcoats it. Let’s call it what is. Hate! Whether it manifests itself as a hatred of someone of a different race (racism) or the hatred of someone of a different gender (sexism)…  It is still hatred.

We only have ourselves to blame as we allowed the moralizers over the past 3 decades to impose their views on us all dressed up in some “family values” ethos. As we watch the behavior of those consumed by hatred displayed in front of us daily we wonder, how far will it go? How long will we have to witness the ignorance, jealousy, fear, disgust, anger, deceit, and dishonesty? How long will we have to endure “Taxpayer Protests” (tea parties) thinly disguised vehicles for racism? How long will we have to watch those protesting paying taxes who are the first to to look for tax shelters every April 15th or those who can only afford their homes because the government provides tax relief through mortgage interest deductions?

How long?

How long is it going to take the moralizers to stand up against the haters and their hatred towards the President and speak out against this outrageous behavior?

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When Do the LIES Get an Innocent Person Hurt?

Sarah Palin, the birthers, and the town hall protesters are quite simply, LIARS! When will the lies of these characters cause some innocent person to get hurt? When will the lies of these characters get one of our Secret Service Agents hurt or cause one of our agents to hurt an innocent citizen or one of them? Our Secret Service Agents are going to protect our officials at all cost and they are going to do it with integrity. The specter of guns being brought to civil gatherings is just the ingredient that will move us down roads I don’t think we want to go.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Kostric has the strength of his convictions since he felt it was necessary to ridiculously wear a pistol to the Obama Town Hall Meeting. I sincerely hope he understands that his behavior has raised the curiosity of some of our most elite law enforcement agencies and until they determine that he is not a threat to society he is going to be tracked and quite frankly the tracking will undoubtedly be done through a law enforcement gun scope.

This is not a joke. This truly delusional crowd is so caught up in their passions that I’m beginning to think that they are not cognizant of their environment and don’t realize that there are level-headed individuals who have not been spun up by the lies being told by opportunistic politicians and commentators; level-headed individuals who are sworn to protect our public officials and will protect them in the most responsive and efficient manner!

Delusion has the tendency to cause one not to be in touch with his environment how else could you harbor fixed false beliefs that are resistant to reason or confrontation with ACTUAL FACT. Our protection agencies have been conducting themselves in a highly professional manner unlike those who would behave in a manner that could spark an incident that could put the lives of our Secret Service Agents at risk. Chris Matthews attempted to explain to Mr. Kostric that there are many things legal in our society that adults refrain from doing in a public setting. However Mr. Kostric seems bent on satisfying the lying politicians, commentators, Obama haters or is simply in need of making some point that seems to be lost on most of society?

The politician Sarah Palin has been a LIAR and one of the most DISHONEST people since she stepped onto the national stage. She doesn’t seem to be affected by the outright rejection that was visited upon her in last year’s election after the electorate discovered who she really was. In a way I think it is important for the Sarah Palin type personalities in this country to become as visible as they have in recent days and to continue to do some of what the majority of society would designate as aberrant behavior; whether it is making up outright LIES like the “death panel” comment, the kooks protesting at the town hall meetings, the deranged commentator babbling incoherently about things the government is doing that he knows are not true, or legally wearing a firearm to a public meeting. With Mr. Kostric wearing his firearm to the public meeting he has effectively diminished any threat that he would have on society because with that compulsion to don the firearm in public, he placed himself and most likely any of his associates into the limelight.

Their visibility lets us know who they are, what they’re thinking, and how they feel. Sure in some cases we will have to endure some ugliness because of some of the things they might say or do. We all understand that their motivations are based in a HATRED of any possible success of Barack Obama. Plain and simple! In my profession we call this “the root cause”. The root cause of the behavior of these individuals at these town hall meeting is a HATRED of Barack Obama. I have termed this behavior Obama-agora-phonemophobia which is a fear of Obama combined with the fear of thinking for oneself and the fear of unfamiliar surroundings. The Obama-agora-phonemophobiac would rather see this country FAIL and FAIL miserably than to ever face the prospect of having to say that Barack Obama was successful or worse yet accept him as their leader. The Obama-agora-phonemophobiac shies away from reading and developing individual thoughts. He relies heavily on interpretations of current events through the eyes and voices of lying politicians and commentators who provide him with his daily doses of thought. Because they are motivated by HATRED at least we know how to deal with them. Their exposure denies them the ability and luxury of wrapping themselves in Bible verse, the American flag, the constitution, or the Pledge of Allegiance because we all know now that in the past they used those icons to rationalize and JUSTIFY their IMMORAL behavior.

What concerned citizens need to do is step up whenever we hear these LIES and call each and every one perpetrating them a LIAR. Sarah Palin should have been immediately discredited and branded a LIAR as soon as she made the ridiculous comment about death panels. Once again this is not a joke and Sarah Palin is an adult and should behave as such. She should have suffered a loss of public confidence because she could no longer be trusted to be honest in her assessment and portrayal of public policy.

When we see folks shouting incoherently at these town hall meetings, concerned citizens need to let them know that their behavior is indicated on someone who wants to disrupt the meeting rather than one looking to voice any legitimate concerns they might have in a civil manner. They do this by shouting silly speeches made up of passages from the bible, the constitution, or disingenuously recite the pledge of allegiance. The concerned citizen needs to let the disrupters know that they are there for civil discourse and demand from the Congressperson conducting the meeting that order be established! The concerned citizen needs to ask the disruptors to articulate their concerns. Make them state their concerns in a clear and concise manner instead of allowing them to recite those silly speeches. These individuals speak about our civil liberties and why that is the driver for their behavior but nowhere has the behavior of citizens in our society been so disrespectful, ill-mannered, and rude of late. When we hear them making claims about the “healthcare bill” they should be called the LIARS they are because not a single one of them has read the “healthcare bill” because quite frankly it doesn’t exist yet. But LIARS care less about reality.

We have our right to speak but every right brings with it responsibility and our right to speak comes with the responsibility that we will respect the speech of others. I guess it would be easy to blame the media because it caters to the laziness of our citizens. We no longer have trusted agents in journalism although CNN likes to say that it is the “most trusted name in news” and FOX likes to claim that it is “fair and balanced”. Neither of these news organizations can be trusted to deliver information in an objective manner. But what are we to expect? Those organizations are made up of some of the same type characters we see at the town halls or the characters who make up LIES about the president’s policies. It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us when we see the foolishness that has been fueling some of the most graphic displays of HATRED we’ve seen in a long time. This HATRED is being manifested in aberrant behavior by our citizens and it is certainly my hope that it doesn’t move beyond the level it is at today. Lets hope for a recession.

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How To Lose An Election

Well Team, the weezle has been on lockdown since the election but I’m back ready to take on our new administration and its policies. But before getting into that, I thought we should do a lessons learned exercise to help the Republicans with the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Well to start I can think of 100 reasons why John McCain lost the election. Please add to the list in case I missed some.

100 or more ways in which John McCain lost the election

1.       John McCain

2.       Sarah Palin

3.       Cindy McCain

4.       The Economy

5.       The House of Representatives

6.       Crude Oil

7.       Nursery Rhymes like, “drill-baby-drill”

8.       The Republican Party

9.       Phil Graham

10.   Sean Hannity

11.   Poor judgment

12.   Elisabeth Hasselbeck

13.   Rush Limbaugh

14.   Bill O’Reilly

15.   Homes

16.   Hatred

17.   Deceit

18.   Hypocrisy

19.   George W Bush

20.   Dick Cheney

21.   Rev Wright

22.   Father Michael Pleger

23.   William Ayers

24.   Bernadine Dohrn

25.   “Joe The Plumber”

26.   “Tito The Builder”

27.   Kevin James

28.   Tucker Bounds

29.   Pigs, pit bulls, and moose

30.   The Straight Talk Express

31.   Tina Fey

32.   Katie Couric

33.   David Letterman

34.   The Blackberry

35.   The Computer

36.   The Internet

37.   Knowledge

38.   Intelligence

39.   Education

40.   Community Organizers

41.   Iowa

42.   Ohio

43.   Pennsylvania, especially Western Pennsylvania

44.   Indiana

45.   Wisconsin

46.   Florida

47.   North Carolina

48.   Virginia

49.   New Hampshire

50.   Colorado

51.   Nevada

52.   New Mexico

53.   Kenyan Witchdoctors named Bishop Thomas Muthee

54.   Mitt Romney

55.   Rudy Giuliani

56.   Steve Schmidt

57.   Richard Davis

58.   “My Friends”

59.   Country First

60.   Michelle Bachman

61.   Green Backdrops

62.   Public Campaign Financing

63.   Age and temperament

64.   Town Hall Meetings

65.   Terrorists

66.   Socialists

67.   Poor Judgment

68.   Mike Huckabee

69.   Wall Street

70.   Officer Mike Scott

71.   Keith Olbermann

72.   Rachel Maddow

73.   Miss Buffalo Chip Beauty Pageant

74.   Joe Lieberman

75.   Charlie Crist

76.   Germans

77.   Blogs

78.   Joe Six-pack

79.   Political debates

80.   Iraq

81.   The surge

82.   Iran

83.   Bombs

84.   Sturgis, South Dakota

85.   Rev Rick Warren and the Saddleback Church

86.   “Iranian Al Qaeda Extremists”

87.   “Liberal Conservative Republicanism”

88.   The Bridge to nowhere

89.   Hockey Moms

90.   Religion

91.   Bigotry

92.   Neiman Marcus

93.   Colin Powell

94.   Hurricane Ike

95.   Lipstick

96.   Geography

97.   Wasilla, Alaska

98.   Russia

99.   The whole wide world

100.  And finally, “That one”!