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(Neverland Weekend Update October 3-4, 2009)

We headed out to Neverland today (quite frankly because some fans have complained that we haven’t updated the photo gallery in almost a month)…   🙂

Anyway we took some photos for you. It is amazing that Neverland is still quite an attraction. Fans were out Saturday and Sunday but let me tell you it was really windy and chilly Sunday. Winter is in the air around here. But we took lots of photos.

I want to take a moment and say thanks to the UP Ethonography Class ’09 for inviting me to join their virtual class. (Why does this sound like work?) LOL. Although I truly appreciate their invitation I want them to know that we are more concerned about their health and safety during this cyclone season and wish them safety during the passage of this latest storm. We also hope that they weren’t impacted by the previous storm.

You can see one of the class projects if you follow the UP link on the front page of the site or in the General Gallery.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

There have been inquiries about the high resolution copies of the photos. Anyone wanting a high resolution copy of a photo can simply send an email to wildweezle and we will send it to you promptly. (No charge). The email address is:


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Neverland Update August 22, 2009

We decided to go out to Neverland Ranch this weekend to see what impact the announcement that Michael Jackson would be burial in Los Angeles would have on visitors to Neverland. Well it turns out that today wasn’t a good day for making that assessment because something strange happened in Northern Santa Barbara County.

It rained.

Now for those of you who wonder why this is strange well, normally it doesn’t rain in the summer in this part of country. We figured that the amount of visitors would be down considerably because of the rain.

Well on our way out we did see a stream of vehicles coming from the ranch beating the rain. When we got to the ranch there were a few diehard fans braving the raindrops.  We took a few shots but didn’t want to risk damaging the cameras so we split. You will notice that the memorial regalia has been removed from gate along with the Neverland Sign. I’m wondering if that is “the end”. Since it was announced that an agreement had been made with the estate to tour Michael Jackson memorabilia in different states if Neverland is going to be included in the tour. Just wondering.

You may recall that we’ve been battling the huge La Brea wildfire. When you look at the photos for today the skies are overcast and rain is falling. Last week that overcast was literally smoke. This week you see no smoke at all. The rain is going to be a big help to the firemen battling this blaze and it will also help improve the air quality. For the past two weeks all of the communities have been suffering from the heavy smoke and ash.

I’m sure most of you also know that the fire was caused by illegal drug activities (such as growing pot) associated with south of the border drug operations. It turns out that there is a lot of marijuana being cultivated just down the street from us. With the burning of over 87,000 acres and yes some of them pot fields, the rain clearing the air is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your persuasion. 🙂 Trust me, there are many jokes going around this area about that smoke. One popular one is that most of the folks in this area won’t be able to change jobs for a while because they wouldn’t be able to pass a drug test. Another one is the huge increase in sales of Fiddle Faddle and Diet Rite Cola.

Anyway, although it is good to have this rain, depending on how much we receive could have a dramatic impact on the vineyards. If the rains come too early the crops can be destroyed by fungus. So, not everyone is happy. First the rain gets rid of the smoke that’s kept everyone happy in these parts and then it destroys the vineyards so you can’t make wine. That’s just not fair.

Anyway, if the rain stops we will go out and take some shots and post them tomorrow.

Here is the link to today’s photos:

http://www.mjonlinememorial.com/General Galleries.html

Have a great weekend,

The 1st owl

Neverland Update Saturday August 15, 2009

The smoke from the la Brea Fire had a small impact on the visitors to Neverland. It didn’t keep the die-hards out however. We took some fan shots and got the opportunity to photo the writings fans have left behind on the walls at the gate. In the photos what appears to be a cloudy and overcast sky is actually the smoke from the La Brea fire. More updates on Sunday.

Here is the link to the galleries:

http://www.mjonlinememorial.com/General Galleries.html

Here is the link to the La Brea Fire Gallery updates:

http://www.wildweezleenterprises.com/La Brea Fire Galleries.html

Neverland Update Friday-Saturday August 8, 2009

Friday and Saturday’s photos and updates from Neverland are posted at wildweezle. Updates include:

  1. Shots from around Neverland. It has gotten interesting over the last week. Now the tour buses are getting involved. Most of the tours are out of Los Angeles but Neverland is a stop which means the folks are doing the two hour drive to Los Olivos. You can see tour buses in the photos. Interesting sites around the ranch included several kids who were performing their best Michael Jackson moves for the camera. By the way, the guard did inform the crowd that the Jackson Family was well aware of the visitors at Neverland. It still remains a decision for Mrs. Jackson. Jermaine even mentioned this on Larry King Friday night. He implied that “everybody” wanted the move to Neverland, except Mrs. Jackson. He felt the fans didn’t get much out of the memorial. Well one way to solve that is simply open the gates to Neverland and let the fans do a walking tour around the place while they decide where his final resting place will be. The fans would pay anything to get inside those gates.
  2. We went back out on the Point Sal hike to take pictures on a clear day. They are posted in the Neverland 8-8-2009 Part 1 gallery. Link is at the bottom of that gallery. The seals were not at seal point so we didn’t get shots of them but we did get some good shots from atop the mountain.
  3. The La Brea forest broke out while we were taking photos at Neverland. We took some shots of it so that you can see how rapidly these fires spread in this area. It is North of Neverland at the moment and is in the general area of Zaca Fire of 2 summers ago. This section was the only section that escaped the Zaca inferno. As you view the photos you will notice cumulus type clouds forming above the fire. Those are caused by the retardants and whatever else the fire takers drop on the fire. The tankers got busy quickly. A link to information on the breakout of the fire is below. We took a few shots of the air tankers that are involved in fight at the Santa Maria Airport. Tanker 910 (that’s the big one) doesn’t land at Santa Maria but was used extensively in the Zaca inferno. Not sure as of yet if it will be required for La Brea. The reports are that La Brea spread quite rapidly yesterday as you can see in the photos. Since the fire is to the East it really made for an interesting sunrise because of the obscura.

We will follow up with some shots later today with some update shots on the La Brea fire also.

Link to photos:


Link to article on the La Brea Fire:


Have a good Sunday.

The 1st Owl.

Happy Birthday To You

Remember, Michael Jackson’s birthday is August 29. Hope you’re in the area to visit with us at Neverland.

In the meantime check out the birthday gallery.


The 1st Owl