Why Why Why?

President Obama in his weekly address said Saturday he is ready to compromise with Republicans on health care if they are serious about it, but that an overhaul must go forward. “Let’s get this done,” he said.

Mr. President – Dear Leader,

Please spare us your pleas to the Republicans to get healthcare insurance reform done. You are beginning to sound like a broken record and quite frankly it is beginning to turn off your supporters and those who look to you to lead this nation. You give me the impression that you think you’re dealing with adults. Your calls for their participation sound more like they did repeating their endless talking points at the healthcare summit.

The American Public is beginning to realize that all we’ve gotten out of this 1 year effort to reform healthcare insurance is rhetoric: Scrap the bill; Let’s start over; Let’s start with a clean sheet of paper; Let’s take a step by step approach; We are so close to healthcare insurance reform; and Come on Republicans let get it done.

You keep telling us and so do the polls that American Citizens want our government to FIX healthcare insurance. But yet the headline reads, “President Obama Presses Republicans to get Healthcare Reform Done”. The last thing any of us needed to see in the headlines this morning was you begging the Republicans to participate in this initiative. It is time for you to stop with the belief that you can charm these selfish clowns into supporting this effort and doing what is best for this economy and American Citizens.

Your goal of achieving bipartisanship is a RISK FACTOR for getting anything done legislatively. Why is it so difficult for you to understand that their goal is to destroy your presidency? Why is it so difficult for you to understand that they see this legislative battle as their opportunity to achieve this goal? Mr. President, if it walks like a duck; quacks like a duck; chances are it’s a duck. When Jim DeMint says that the failure of your healthcare insurance reform initiative will be your waterloo, Mr. President, believe him. When former President Jimmy Carter says that the driver behind much of the vitriol at the tea party rallies is racism, Mr. President, believe him.

These are selfish individuals. They hate you more than they love the citizens of this nation or the country itself. They do not want to share the fruits of this country with anyone and they certainly don’t want you in charge of managing the fruit baskets. These individuals don’t care if the citizens of this country suffer in order to see you fail. How else would you explain the behavior of Senator Jim Bunning who would allow millions of unemployed American Citizens to suffer the loss of unemployment benefits and the effects those losses would bring to their families?

Mr. President, begging the Republicans to participate in this legislative initiative is about as silly as the behavior displayed by Representative Eric Cantor that annoyed you so much at the healthcare summit. Understand that your pleading to the Republicans has started to annoy those of us who look to you to govern this nation in the same manner that Eric Cantor’s printing of 2700 pages on single sided paper annoyed you in his attempt to make some silly point.

I know you care about our constitution and our system of government. I know that you worry about us dissolving into a one party state, however, Mr. President there is no one in the Republican Party willing to work with you in an honest manner. They don’t even negotiate with you in good faith. Olympia Snow never was honest in her support of this initiative. They even have a former VICE PRESIDENT of this country who actively campaigns for the failure of your administration! Who amongst them speak out against that CLOWN? Not a single one. Not even the news media. That Mr. President should tell you what type of company you’re in.

Mr. President, the Republicans have given you every opportunity to strike out on your own and repair some of the more debilitating ills that are affecting our nation. Above all the American People have given you all the reasons and authority to act alone. Begging the Republicans to participate says three things about you.

1. Either you care so much about them that you would risk exhausting yourself, our patience, and our support of you in an effort to get them to participate.

2. You are simply afraid or unwilling to lead and do it alone.

3. You are willing to subrogate your authority and role as Chief Executive to them.

It is okay to care but not to the point of foolishness. You are spending too much of our valuable time trying to convince them to come along. Who knows how many more times Eric Cantor is going to print that document out? That and your obsession with bipartisanship alone could add billions to our national debt. At this stage in the game when we hear you speaking to the Republicans about joining the fight for healthcare insurance reform our immediate reaction is, he’s wasting more time and time costs us as taxpayers.

If you fear going it alone Mr. President then one simply needs to remind you that you are going to be BLAMED for everything bad that has ever happened in this country. Anything good that happens during your presidency will be spun as BAD. That is the price you pay for “Being Black in America”. So get over it already. You are spending far too much of our time trying to speak to the souls of those who harbor ill feelings towards you. TIME is a valuable and scarce national resource. You can’t waste another moment trying to heal those with unsavory intentions. That should be left to the many religious and spiritual leaders that swell the very ranks of those groups determined to see your presidency fail at any cost.

Mr. President, you were put in office to heal this nation’s institutional problems not to heal the souls of the citizens.  Your obsession with bipartisanship is making us all tired. So if we are too tired to participate in upcoming elections, or too tired to write a letter to our congress persons or our newspaper editors, or too tired to write out a check and contribute, or if we’re too tired to get out and vote; understand that you may have had a hand in beating us down.

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What are the benefits of electing an African-American to the Presidency?

The noise over the behavior of Senator Joe Wilson puzzles me. It should not come as a surprise to any citizen of this country that he would behave in the manner in which he did, as a matter of fact, judging from how we’ve degraded over the last several decades, I think we got off easy with him simply shouting “you lie” at the President of the United States. It’s ironic that the person who campaigned and ended up winning on HOPE may end up being the HOPE and answer to the moral, spiritual, social, financial, intellectual, you name it decline that has been gripping our country for so many decades. The HOPE is in the fact that the election of Barack Obama, an African-American, may have stopped us from heading over the cliff at breakneck speed.

So let’s find a silver lining in the dark clouds that have arisen from the outrageous acts of disrespect, contempt, and irreverence perpetrated by some of our citizenry such as:

  • The De-legitimization of Barack Obama’s Presidency.
  • The campaign to disallow students from listening to the President greet and welcome them back for the new school year and encourage them to be all that they can be.
  • Lashing out at him with hateful labels such as Domestic Terrorist, Nazi, Socialist, and Undocumented Alien.
  • The display of a total lack of respect for an African-American as the leader of the greatest country in the world.

The ushering in of a new and different administration over the last 7 months has also brought about an array of emotions that seem to be tearing at the very soul of this society; From joy to anger; depression to elation; anxiety to hope; skepticism to faith; cynicism to encouragement; and irrational fears. I recently had a friend suggest that I go out and make friends with an African-American in order to deal with these emotions and what is happening in our society. His simple premise was that African-Americans have had to deal with the schizophrenia and abuse of the American Political system for hundreds of years and as a result have developed significant and effective defense mechanisms to the ebbs and flows of the craziness that is our nation’s politics. Well I did and I now have a place to find solace when I see the troubling scenes played out before me and I have experienced many teachable moments so much so that I now refer to my friend as the Oracle.

After interfacing with the Oracle I’m finally beginning to understand Barack Obama. The Oracle introduced me to two exceptional skills possessed by African-Americans; unprecedented patience and extraordinary restraint. Both of these were so demonstrative during the President’s speech on healthcare insurance reform to the joint session of congress this past week.

The President after many months of being publicly disrespected, ridiculed, and disparaged by the morally bankrupt among us still insists on being the statesman and leader which the office he holds demands. He has shown unyielding respect and reverence for our sacred institution of governance while promoting the public good. He displayed this extraordinary and remarkable restraint in the face of Congressman Joe Wilson who was driven to irreverence in the hallowed halls of congress.

I asked the Oracle what was behind this patience and restraint and how could Barack Obama not yield to the temptation to go into the depths of hell where those who oppose him live or visit on a daily basis? He told me to look at the history of our nation. Their hell is gloom, despair, desperation, despondency, discouragement, and hopelessness. This is a place Barack Obama refuses to go. It is in his genes a lesson learned many years ago. As the Civil Rights workers endured torturous behavior they held firm in their commitments and eventually won their battles. No amount of humiliation, water hoses, debasement, lynching, and degradation would sway them from their cause of making America a more perfect union. Barack Obama learned valuable life lessons from the African-American community and the results of those lessons are now on display. We will be a better nation and society as a result if we choose to learn from them.

Barack Obama understands that the office of the president is much larger than Barack Obama and that he must respect this office at all costs because this was the office that led the cause for freedom of millions from the evil and peculiar institution of slavery. Barack Obama will never desecrate the office of the President of the United States. That is a fact that all American Citizens will never have to doubt. We are lucky that Barack Obama came around. Barack Obama is not the savior, he is not the chosen one, he is not God, and he is not the Messiah. What Barack Obama is however is principled, a character trait that has been missing from our leaders and us in the past several decades.

What this country and the world got with the election of Barack Obama was a dramatic change in the integrity bar which was raised significantly higher simply because he is African-American. It is a fact that a presidency held by a woman or a minority is held to far stricter standards than a presidency of Bill Clinton, George Bush, or Ronald Regan. No waivers or slipups allowed for an Obama presidency! If President Obama even thought about doing something wrong he would be impeached on the spot. We know this. Barack Obama knows this and just like the soldiers who will perform the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives today in far-away lands Barack Obama has made the ultimate sacrifice to honor and respect the office he holds and to ensure that no personal propensities will ever come before our institution of governance. So we benefit by getting a principled administration.

An example of how these higher standards are beginning to take hold can be found in the exchange between President Obama and Congressman Wilson. The President was pointing out known falsehoods that had taken root over the last several months in the discussion of health insurance reform. He labeled such falsehoods as lies which are precisely what they are. We have been reluctant in recent years to be willing to call a lie a lie but let us not forget that recent history shows us that if we don’t we could end up in a military campaign that we all live to regret.

Another benefit to our society is that an administration led by a woman or an African-American would require players with impeccable behavior and skills. This is because it would be under constant surveillance for the smallest of flaws. This is borne out in the recent resignations in the administration of some who may have had less than impeccable manners in the past.

The Oracle shared his thoughts about the political landscape and the players involved. He told me that our political system had become a blood sport where the players are not working for the common good and the basic welfare of the people but instead it had become a battleground for satisfying our individual failings through sometimes silly political wins at the expense of our nation.

He saw Republicans as NOPERS, Conservatives as HATERS, Democrats as Strugglers for “Yes We Can”, and Progressives as the OG New Age THINKERS. The NOPERS are those with no solutions so they just say NO to everything. The HATERS are the ones who “hate anything that wasn’t invented here”. The Yes We Cans are risk adverse which makes them appear perpetually hesitant. The New Agers want to put THINKING and science back into everything and feel that anything can be accomplished, now.

I asked the Oracle what stood out most for him in the President’s speech to the Congress, expecting to hear him vent about Congressman Wilson. Instead he told me that he was surprised how the President had a hard time calling out the NOPER/HATERS on what would they do for health insurance reform and where are their solutions. The Oracle said that he should have simply used the Chinese proverb:

Don’t Curse the DARK, Shine a LIGHT!

Everyone knows the NOPERS/HATERS have no solutions as a matter of fact they held up 19 empty pages and called it the “Republican Alternative Budget”.

The Oracle is somewhat skeptical about the New Agers. He says he has modeled their behavior and can tell how much active racial integration is occurring in our society based on how much patience is being displayed by that group with the President. The degree of anxiety and lack of patience would not be as high as it is if they were actively engaged in the African-American community. His advice to New Agers:

First get an African-American friend.


The New Age will not be realized in 10 months!

As the West African proverb goes:

“When you’re RIGHT, you can afford to be PATIENT”!

One thing the Oracle wanted the New Agers to know is that they greatly outnumber the NOPERS/HATERS regardless of how loud the Right Wing echo machine sounds.

The Oracle tells me that he is especially amazed at how much attention Democrats/Progressives pay to Right Wing media players like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh. He says that Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity are consumed by the Guilt of Their Failings. Whether it is Limbaugh who built a following preaching about the failings of the druggies in our society while being guilty of the same sins, all three men in their educational failings, or their failures to stand up to the challenges in this world. These individuals have never reconciled with their failings and those demons haunt them every moment of the day. The American Public has to live the personal conflicts that are waged inside each of these men on a daily basis. Many of us are drawn into these battles of personal demons with them and quite frankly some of us simply like to watch and be entertained by the display of their inner conflicts. They are paid handsome salaries as a result.

But for those moving forward no legitimacy should be spared on these clowns. The time spent watching, listening, and analyzing them is valuable time that is being taken away from making our nation a more perfect union. These clowns should be laughed at each and every time they open their mouths. This was an old trick used by slaves against slave owners. Simply laugh. It would drive slave owners stark raving mad. It got so bad that laughing barrels were introduced. Since we don’t have to put our heads in laughing barrels these days let’s hear the bellows all over this land. The louder the laugher the less effective and serious the ramblings of these clowns become.

Our political institutions have been plagued with dishonesty, deceit, and hypocrisy in recent years. Electing an African-American as President is having and indirect effect of cleaning up our politics because of the natural tendency to overachieve and ensure those in the administration keep their noses clean and those in opposition exhausting themselves and their resources in their hunt to discredit it.

If Barack doesn’t do anything else in his Presidency he has given America the opportunity to raise her standards and to once again behave with dignity and integrity. And let’s not forget the most critical contribution that he has given us. He has motivated and empowered a new generation and awakened a seasoned generation to take the reins of our institutions and to willingly serve with integrity and within principle. The standards of merit in our country have been raised considerably because of the simple act of electing an African-American as President. So don’t be alarmed or surprised at the behavior of Congressman Wilson, look at the benefits being derived from Obama’s election.

The Oracle has one final comment on the President and how he likes to end his speeches with the phrase, “God bless you and God bless America”. Well the Oracle shared with me a saying from a well-known African-American Minister named Dr. Frederick Price who says:

You’re not BLESSED until you have become someone else’s BLESSING”.

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Has the President Lost Control of the Insurance Reform Debate?

Yes he has!

And not for the reasons you think.

The President is fighting an uphill battle against a very formidable multi-headed opponent led by the big corporations. He can only count on the rag-tag group of support from Main Street.

The President needs to realize that he has entered into an extremely difficult phase of this battle now that another head of the enemy has shown his face this week. That enemy is the “progressive” component of the PROFIT MEDIA which is comprised of two components a “right” and a “left”. Like PROFIT INSURANCE COMPANIES the PROFIT MEDIA is ultimately driven to make profits and is not beholden to anyone or any cause. Nowhere was that more evident than this week.

This week in the “left” or “progressive” news media, we saw the “progressive” brain trust suffer a massive cerebral hemorrhage which led to a complete meltdown.  This was all brought about by statements made by President Barack Obama and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius about the Public Option (PO). The “progressive” media decided sometime ago that the PO component of insurance reform was going to be the be-all end-all of insurance reform. This means that the only conversations they want to have about insurance reform has to start and end with the PO and IT ALONE!

When the President and the Secretary of HHS mentioned this weekend that the PO wasn’t the sum total of insurance reform the “progressive” media lost its collective mind. Or it gave the impression that it did.  😉

Both the President and his aides have been harangued over what the “progressive” media has interpreted as shying away from an insistence on a PO after saying that the public option is only a sliver of total insurance reform. One could argue that different words could have been used but the context of the discussion that both the President and the Secretary of Health and Human services were having was total reform of the insurance industry which includes several components and that no one component was more important than the other.

The President has consistently said that he would not sign a bill into law that didn’t include a PO and has never rescinded this tenet. The “progressive” media spun out of control and may have caused more damage to the insurance reform initiative than any of the other tactics to date such as the town-hall disruptions, misinformation campaigns, and legislative stalling. The “progressive” media has taken four sentences and insist that it understands exactly what the President and the Secretary of HHS were thinking and implying regardless of their explanations. This is so reminiscent of the Rev. Wright debate where the entire media took one sentence out of context in the totality of a sermon and completely demonized the preacher in an attempt to discredit Barack Obama.

So after a week of taking statements out of context and insinuating decisions and conclusions on behalf of the President, the “progressive” media has been asking “Has the President lost control of the insurance/healthcare debate”? What kind of question is that? It’s like an Air Traffic Controller asking if a particular airplane is flying off course when he is sitting in front of the radar display. Isn’t it the job of the media to go out and mine for information and deliver it? Maybe if the “progressive” media stops worrying about the LIES that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck spew forth on a daily basis we could get some actionable information from the so-called “progressive” media which seems to have turn into a gang of clowns lately. You can’t tune into a single “progressive” news show without having to listen to valuable time being spent on right-wing LIARS and HYPOCRITES and lately we’ve had to listen to the un-doings of the President and the insurance reform movement.

When it comes to insurance reform the only thing we hear from the “progressives” is the PO. We haven’t heard a thing about the other components of the insurance reform initiative which the President was talking about over the weekend, the very thing that the “progressive” media took out of context. We have a lot to do in transforming our insurance industry and it isn’t just about the PO. The President simply wanted to make sure that we were focused and not overlooking other critical components in deference to others.

This week has been a good week to see the full Yin Yang of media operations. For the past month the “right” media has been talking about how the Republicans/Conservatives have taken control of the insurance/healthcare debate through the spewing forth of LIES, making claims, and elevating visibility of disruptions at town hall meetings. The “progressive” media (which apparently listen to these LIES) then reacts with questions about whether the President has lost control of the insurance/healthcare debate. Rather than waste our time addressing LIES, INNUENDOS, and DISTORTIONS the “progressive” media should be using that time to inform us on what is real in the progression of insurance reform transformation.

Let there be no mistake, the “right” is in command of the messages that we hear in the media. It sets the tone for the conversations we hear and participate in. The “progressive” media at best plays the wimpy competition that can never win but is there at the behest of the “right” media. It is similar to the Washington Generals who played the incredibly ineffective opposition as foils for the Harlem Globetrotters. What is sad is that many of us believe we can count on the information that we are receiving from “progressive” media outlets.

It has been disturbing listening to the “progressive” media say that the President is getting back on message when in fact not a single one can point to any statement that the President has made where he backed away from his original tenets for insurance reform. The only thing the “progressive’ media can point to are two statements which in the mind of this COMMON CITIZEN were totally taken out of context and in my opinion is a clear indication that the “progressive media cannot be trusted or counted on for information delivery. Maybe the President is being smart by engaging Michael Smerconish, Faith-based groups, and continuing to fight for bi-partisanship in his pursuit of insurance reform. Especially if the “progressive media continues to acts in this manner.

I’m afraid that our President must remain a Statesman at all costs. He must tolerate this behavior whether it is the news media taking things out of context because it knows that a ruckus will drive up listeners or a student who has an agenda to show that he is more knowledgeable on the topic of insurance reform than the President much so that he actually challenged the president to an Oxford style debate.

Student Zach Lahn had two talking points he needed to deliver at the Boulder, CO town hall meeting; the first talking point was that he didn’t want any generalities, or philosophical arguments from the President as a response. This comment was designed to put the President in his place and to make a point that somehow the President had not been clear and succinct in his previous answers; the second talking point was the question over how a private entity could compete with a government initiative.

The student was completely schooled in the first sentence of the President’s response and probably still to this day doesn’t realize it. The President said, “I’ve answered the question ONCE before” but apparently the student just didn’t realize it and yet he issued a challenge to debate the President on this topic. The President called his behavior confidence, I call it foolishness. Student Zach Lahn doesn’t even know what he doesn’t know.

The President in his statesmanship once again answered the question. He told the student that a framework would be put in place to ensure that the Public Option would conduct business as if it were a private enterprise. This would prevent it from strangling the competition because it had the unlimited assets of the US Government backing it or bailed out if it were to get into trouble because it wasn’t being run efficiently or effectively.

It does take a basic understanding of enterprise thinking in order to realize that the answer given was complete as it had been before. It was clear that the student who wants to challenge someone to a debate over this topic was either missing some of the fundamentals necessary to grasp enterprise initiatives or just doesn’t understand. I would suggest that instead of challenging the President to a debate on this topic that the student collaborate with some of his fellow students to develop a framework, model, or methodology that could be employed to ensure that a Public Option is run like a successful private business. (Instead of looking for a fight that he really isn’t equipped to fight).

So when we hear the “progressive” media constantly asking us if the President has lost control of the insurance reform message, the answer is a RESOUNDING YES because quite frankly the question is a red herring. The Presient might have a communication problem.

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When Do the LIES Get an Innocent Person Hurt?

Sarah Palin, the birthers, and the town hall protesters are quite simply, LIARS! When will the lies of these characters cause some innocent person to get hurt? When will the lies of these characters get one of our Secret Service Agents hurt or cause one of our agents to hurt an innocent citizen or one of them? Our Secret Service Agents are going to protect our officials at all cost and they are going to do it with integrity. The specter of guns being brought to civil gatherings is just the ingredient that will move us down roads I don’t think we want to go.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Kostric has the strength of his convictions since he felt it was necessary to ridiculously wear a pistol to the Obama Town Hall Meeting. I sincerely hope he understands that his behavior has raised the curiosity of some of our most elite law enforcement agencies and until they determine that he is not a threat to society he is going to be tracked and quite frankly the tracking will undoubtedly be done through a law enforcement gun scope.

This is not a joke. This truly delusional crowd is so caught up in their passions that I’m beginning to think that they are not cognizant of their environment and don’t realize that there are level-headed individuals who have not been spun up by the lies being told by opportunistic politicians and commentators; level-headed individuals who are sworn to protect our public officials and will protect them in the most responsive and efficient manner!

Delusion has the tendency to cause one not to be in touch with his environment how else could you harbor fixed false beliefs that are resistant to reason or confrontation with ACTUAL FACT. Our protection agencies have been conducting themselves in a highly professional manner unlike those who would behave in a manner that could spark an incident that could put the lives of our Secret Service Agents at risk. Chris Matthews attempted to explain to Mr. Kostric that there are many things legal in our society that adults refrain from doing in a public setting. However Mr. Kostric seems bent on satisfying the lying politicians, commentators, Obama haters or is simply in need of making some point that seems to be lost on most of society?

The politician Sarah Palin has been a LIAR and one of the most DISHONEST people since she stepped onto the national stage. She doesn’t seem to be affected by the outright rejection that was visited upon her in last year’s election after the electorate discovered who she really was. In a way I think it is important for the Sarah Palin type personalities in this country to become as visible as they have in recent days and to continue to do some of what the majority of society would designate as aberrant behavior; whether it is making up outright LIES like the “death panel” comment, the kooks protesting at the town hall meetings, the deranged commentator babbling incoherently about things the government is doing that he knows are not true, or legally wearing a firearm to a public meeting. With Mr. Kostric wearing his firearm to the public meeting he has effectively diminished any threat that he would have on society because with that compulsion to don the firearm in public, he placed himself and most likely any of his associates into the limelight.

Their visibility lets us know who they are, what they’re thinking, and how they feel. Sure in some cases we will have to endure some ugliness because of some of the things they might say or do. We all understand that their motivations are based in a HATRED of any possible success of Barack Obama. Plain and simple! In my profession we call this “the root cause”. The root cause of the behavior of these individuals at these town hall meeting is a HATRED of Barack Obama. I have termed this behavior Obama-agora-phonemophobia which is a fear of Obama combined with the fear of thinking for oneself and the fear of unfamiliar surroundings. The Obama-agora-phonemophobiac would rather see this country FAIL and FAIL miserably than to ever face the prospect of having to say that Barack Obama was successful or worse yet accept him as their leader. The Obama-agora-phonemophobiac shies away from reading and developing individual thoughts. He relies heavily on interpretations of current events through the eyes and voices of lying politicians and commentators who provide him with his daily doses of thought. Because they are motivated by HATRED at least we know how to deal with them. Their exposure denies them the ability and luxury of wrapping themselves in Bible verse, the American flag, the constitution, or the Pledge of Allegiance because we all know now that in the past they used those icons to rationalize and JUSTIFY their IMMORAL behavior.

What concerned citizens need to do is step up whenever we hear these LIES and call each and every one perpetrating them a LIAR. Sarah Palin should have been immediately discredited and branded a LIAR as soon as she made the ridiculous comment about death panels. Once again this is not a joke and Sarah Palin is an adult and should behave as such. She should have suffered a loss of public confidence because she could no longer be trusted to be honest in her assessment and portrayal of public policy.

When we see folks shouting incoherently at these town hall meetings, concerned citizens need to let them know that their behavior is indicated on someone who wants to disrupt the meeting rather than one looking to voice any legitimate concerns they might have in a civil manner. They do this by shouting silly speeches made up of passages from the bible, the constitution, or disingenuously recite the pledge of allegiance. The concerned citizen needs to let the disrupters know that they are there for civil discourse and demand from the Congressperson conducting the meeting that order be established! The concerned citizen needs to ask the disruptors to articulate their concerns. Make them state their concerns in a clear and concise manner instead of allowing them to recite those silly speeches. These individuals speak about our civil liberties and why that is the driver for their behavior but nowhere has the behavior of citizens in our society been so disrespectful, ill-mannered, and rude of late. When we hear them making claims about the “healthcare bill” they should be called the LIARS they are because not a single one of them has read the “healthcare bill” because quite frankly it doesn’t exist yet. But LIARS care less about reality.

We have our right to speak but every right brings with it responsibility and our right to speak comes with the responsibility that we will respect the speech of others. I guess it would be easy to blame the media because it caters to the laziness of our citizens. We no longer have trusted agents in journalism although CNN likes to say that it is the “most trusted name in news” and FOX likes to claim that it is “fair and balanced”. Neither of these news organizations can be trusted to deliver information in an objective manner. But what are we to expect? Those organizations are made up of some of the same type characters we see at the town halls or the characters who make up LIES about the president’s policies. It shouldn’t be a surprise to any of us when we see the foolishness that has been fueling some of the most graphic displays of HATRED we’ve seen in a long time. This HATRED is being manifested in aberrant behavior by our citizens and it is certainly my hope that it doesn’t move beyond the level it is at today. Lets hope for a recession.

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Stupid is as stupid does.

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Three Stooges; Professor Henry Louis Gates, Sergeant James Crowley, and President Barack Hussein Obama. I’m compelled to comment on the “The Cambridge MA Arrest Incident”. Have you ever seen three very important men in our society act in such an immature manner? Whether it was a celebrated and accomplished policeman and professor caught up in a snit with neither one willing to back down or the president who decides to speak out for a friend.

So now this trio’s little snit dominates the news with just about everyone acting in a kneejerk manner and choosing sides. My fellow citizens, when are we going to stop doing this? Especially the TV and Radio pundits who are so geared to suck a dollar out of every incident we are faced with. They have analyzed this incident to death. Let me just say, this incident doesn’t demand any detail analysis or scrutiny beyond the first three minutes of the initial encounter between the policeman and the professor.

It is proven that when doing a root cause analysis of any incident involving two or more adults it is safe to say that the root cause can be found within the first 3 minutes of the encounter. It is no different for the Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Louis Gates encounter. As a matter of fact this is a classic adult encounter that turned ugly and what is really interesting is that it is documented and described brilliantly in Sgt. James Crowley’s police report. Anyone who goes farther than the first 3 minutes of this encounter is simply looking to generate trouble or is driven to defend one or more of the participants for personal reasons. It is imperative that we all learn to be objective and fair in these matters or at a minimum give the impression that we are, especially our friends in the media.

Well let’s just sum it up.

The police report can be found here:


Using Sgt. James Crowley’s police report, is there anywhere in his report that describes the first 3 minutes of his encounter with Professor Gates? By George, as luck would have it, look at paragraph 1, page 2, and sentences 1 through 7. You can now see why Sgt. Crowley’s fellow officers and all of the police unions have high regard for him. In these 7 sentences he has described in detail the initial 3 minutes and those 7 sentences tell us everything we need in order to understand what happened.

We know that the dutiful officer Sgt. Crowley was placed at the scene by responding to a possible home invasion crime at Professor Gates’ home address because he was close by. We also know that Professor Gates was placed at the scene because, well quite frankly, it turns out to be his home.

After arriving at the scene Sgt. Crowley spoke with the concerned neighbor after which he turns and walks up the stairs to Professor Gates’ door. He observed an older gentleman in the home and he made sure that he was in plain view so that the older gentleman could see him. Well it is safe to say they both could see each other. Sgt. Crowley asked the older gentleman, “will you step onto to the porch and speak with me”.

Well this was the beginning of the end. You know what’s missing in this report from the otherwise brilliant description of the first 3 minutes of the incident is, what was Sgt. Crowley observing Professor Gates doing while they both stood in plain view of each other? Would a suspected burglar continue to burglarize while in plain view of a police officer? Hmmm.

So Professor Gates responded to Sgt. Crowley’ request to come outside onto the porch and speak with him with, “no I will not” and demanded to know who the officer was. Okay, does anyone out there besides me see where this “National Snit” could have ended right here?

Sgt. Crowley, being in plain view of someone doesn’t verify or validate that you are really a police officer. Oh and Sgt. Crowley, if you haven’t reached out to the community and the citizens don’t know you, have you ever stopped to think that you might be seen as a stranger until proven otherwise? We teach our citizens from the time that they are able to understand to “never open the door for a stranger”. Since the national media has made this a “right or wrong” issue, please someone, tell me what was wrong with Professor Gates demanding to know who the officer was?

Anyway, escalation is occurring. A routine police call is beginning to spin out of control. Spin out of control? Well let’s address this because since this is police initiated activity it is incumbent upon the law enforcement officer to maintain order while enforcing the law. It is his responsibility to ensure that it doesn’t escalate into anything higher.

So how would Sgt. Crowley maintain order while enforcing the law? Well according to his fellow officers, the police unions, all the right-wing pundits (my God, who let them into this discussion), and the remaining apologist for how Sgt. Crowley behaved, this seemingly routine investigation should have been a walk in the park for such a celebrated officer. It should never have resulted in an arrest.

 Presentation and messaging, oh my. You know, I’m still baffled and confused as to why Sgt. Crowley felt that just because he was in plain view that someone should just accept the fact that he was a police officer. A uniform does not a police officer make that is why they have a badge and an ID. It should not have been unreasonable for citizen Gates to request this information if he were skeptical.

If Sgt. Crowley is as accomplished as all of his fellow officers and the police unions swear he is, I’m certain that he could have calmed the situation by simply providing information identifying himself to Professor Gates. It amazes me that the right-wing fools out there especially the “birthers” always say, “Well President Obama could shut down this cry about him not being a citizen by providing a birth certificate”. Now they use a different standard for this police officer. Why? Oh I know why just thought I would tease you.

So Sgt. Crowley’s approach agitated Professor Gates as well it should have. We also see that after the initial 3 minutes that the whole idea about a possible crime in progress flies right out the window. It is safe to say that we can stop reading the remainder of the police report because now, the EGOS have landed! It is now the accomplished and celebrated officer against the accomplished and celebrated professor.

You must all forgive me but I’m still trying to understand why Officer Crowley feels that one should take his word that he is a police officer simply because he said he was. Maybe an officer who has made outreach into the community could be afforded such an attitude but someone who hasn’t…. hmmm I don’t know. This confuses me.

Okay, I won’t insult your intelligence anymore because we all see the “stupidity here and why the incident spun out of control. But I do have a question for the Sgt. Crowley apologists. Would you just step outside of your house if a supposed policeman who you weren’t familiar with came to your door and asked you to step outside? We know you wouldn’t and we also know you would demand more information before you came anywhere near your door and unlocked it.

Professor Gates’ should never have had to ask Sgt. Crowley who he was!

I repeat, Sgt. Crowley should never have had to ask Sgt. Crowley who he was!

That courtesy should have been a key component of Sgt. Crowley’s presentation and it wasn’t and what’s worse is that all of his fellow officers and the police unions actually see a stellar performance by Sgt. Crowley. That is another tease you moment. Once again, the danger in this is that citizens are being asked to accept anyone in uniform as being official until proven otherwise. That is really a dangerous proposition.

So now that the situation has boiled over it is time to see whose feelings end up getting hurt. Sides are being taken and teams are being formed. Someone has to come out a winner. Someone has to be right and someone has to be wrong. Where are the folks out there who think that both of guys are A–holes?

So the accomplished Harvard Professor who apparently had to break into his home because either he lost his key or suddenly forgot how to use it. Did the professor ever stop to think that maybe his breaking into his home might cause a noise that would startle neighbors? Did the professor ever stop to think that someone might have witnessed his actions and became concerned? Did the Professor ever stop to think that the job of a policeman is to investigate crimes, even possible crimes?

Why didn’t Professor Gates take the opportunity to rise above the situation and de-escalate the rising tensions? Even if Professor Gates was in his home why couldn’t he take the opportunity to explain his concerns to the officer? After all he is an accomplished and celebrated teacher and mentor as those defending him would have you believe. Why didn’t he take the opportunity to make a difference by stepping up and taking the lead? His actions could have gone a long way in helping police relations especially in those minority communities that the President mentioned in his response. Improving police relations in our communities is not a one-way street. Improved community relations are not just going to happen because we want the officers to be more sensitive and correct their behavior. It is imperative that all of us especially in the minority communities do our parts in helping our law enforcement officials understand our concerns. Professor Gates missed a very important teaching moment. Why? You know why, I’m just teasing you.

Well what would a good domestic dispute between two hard-headed EGOS be without dragging the president of United States into it? Mr. Obama infamously described the Cambridge Police Department as having behaved stupidly in this incident? So all hell broke loose and what does the President do? He backs away from his comment instead of making every person do homework and read the police report. I guarantee you that after he had read the description of the first 3 minutes of the encounter between Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates; he would use words stronger than stupidly.

But the President’s problem was that he was at a presidents press conference and took the side of his friend over the police officer. Does anyone other than me see the problem here? Mr. Obama stood in Grant Park on election night and told us he would be the president of all Americans. As President Mr. Obama you don’t have the luxury of being biased. I understand that you explained that you didn’t have all of the facts so at that point he should have withheld judgment. You certainly should have used that moment as a teaching moment and describe how Professor Gates could have gone a long way in helping to improve community relations by speaking to the officer about his concerns rather than shouting across the entire Eastern Seaboard that the kid was racist. After all Mr. President you have been taking a lot of criticism of late about your message of personal responsibility during speeches to African-American audiences. Shouldn’t your African-American friend Mr. Gates have taken personal responsibility and helped Sgt. Crowley understand his concerns? Fair and balance Mr. President.

Well as I said before anything in Sgt. Crowley’s police report past the 7th sentence of paragraph one of page 2 is totally irrelevant to the argument. After that point what is documented in the report is a cause to have both of them placed in time-out or better yet arrested and booked.

I realize that everyone has a bad day or an off day. I’m willing to give all three of these gentlemen the benefit of the doubt. The best thing that can happen is for them to go out and get drunk and work out their issues. Afterwards they owe the American public an apology for bringing us into such a childish snit.

By the way for the leaders at the Cambridge Police Department who have read this police report especially paragraph 1 of page 2 which describes the initial encounter between Sgt. Crowley and Professor Gates; if you don’t understand the gross breakdown in Sgt. Crowley’s presentation then you should be removed from your leadership roles in law enforcement immediately.

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