They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!


They Hate Barack Obama More Than They Love This Country!

Barack Obama can say that it is not about him as much as he wants but I have news for our esteemed President….

They hate you more than they love this country…. and I say THIS country because they feel that THEIR country was stolen from them in Nov ’08…

Many are asking if the behavior of some towards Barack Obama is based in racism. Well to calling it racism sugarcoats it. Let’s call it what is. Hate! Whether it manifests itself as a hatred of someone of a different race (racism) or the hatred of someone of a different gender (sexism)…  It is still hatred.

We only have ourselves to blame as we allowed the moralizers over the past 3 decades to impose their views on us all dressed up in some “family values” ethos. As we watch the behavior of those consumed by hatred displayed in front of us daily we wonder, how far will it go? How long will we have to witness the ignorance, jealousy, fear, disgust, anger, deceit, and dishonesty? How long will we have to endure “Taxpayer Protests” (tea parties) thinly disguised vehicles for racism? How long will we have to watch those protesting paying taxes who are the first to to look for tax shelters every April 15th or those who can only afford their homes because the government provides tax relief through mortgage interest deductions?

How long?

How long is it going to take the moralizers to stand up against the haters and their hatred towards the President and speak out against this outrageous behavior?

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