The Politics Of Poximity Part Two (lets have some fun today)

Were we ever bombarded with the politics of proximity last week? You will recall that the politics of proximity is this neat campaign strategy that employs the following supposition:

Ego sum propinquus proinde ego sum — (I’m close therefore I am).

Whether it is Palin viewing Russia from Alaska therefore she has foreign policy experience; McCain parachuting into Washington DC to be in the proximity of financial bailout negotiations therefore he has leadership experience; or as Colbert so rightly put it, Sarah Palin standing on her front porch viewing the moon therefore she is qualified to be an astronaut.


Normally, the McCain campaign uses this strategy for their actions but that all changed last week when they started using it against Barack Obama. Barack Obama has been near William Ayers therefore he aids and abets terrorists. And don’t give me any excuses! Who cares if Barack was only eight years old when Ayers was running around bombing things? Barack should have known better! He should have immediately run and gotten a hall pass from his parents and jumped on his big wheel and peddled his little butt over to the Pentagon and stopped Ayers in his tracks. That little Slacker! Yea that one! (thanks Stephanie)



But that clever McCain took the politics of proximity one step further. He actually employed a reverse pivot move. I tell you these guys in the McCain campaign are getting good. After spending almost two weeks associating Barack with that Domestic Terrorist, Ayers, McCain ended up whipping his following into frenzies the like you only see in Sarah Palin’s church when they are speaking in tongues. Those crowds this week coming out to see John and Sarah were mumbling and shouting strange words and phrases like, “kill him”, “off with his head”, “traitor”, “terrorist”, etc. John knowing that if they kept that up they were going to have to rent a coliseum and some lions.
So here is where the reverse pivot comes in. John had to show that he is not a part of this frenzy so he and his campaign (it is really stretching, to call this a campaign) employs several attendees to act out some scripts with him so he would appear NOT to be near (the reverse move) this debauchery. John, do a better job rehearsing next time. I’m sure the dear old lady made good use of the $35 you gave her to say that Barack was an Arab. That’s a lot of bingo games for her. 

Okay I’ve provided the video of the incident below when you look at it pay close attention to how McCain simply takes a nap during the skit. When he wakes up he is clearly off cue and ends up making the dear old lady look bad. So here is the exchange between Dear Old lady (DOL) and Grandpa McCain (GM).





Here is the text:

DOL: I can’t trust Obama!

DOL: I have read about him!

DOL: And he’s not…

DOL: he’s not….

DOL: he’s aaaa…

DOL: aaaaa…

(Grandpa McCain has clearly dozed off at this point. Will someone wake him up please?)

DOL: He’s an Arab!

(Grandpa is totally sleep here and should be responding…. Dear Old Lady knowing something isn’t right just goes ahead and recites her next line. God bless her soul.)

DOL: He’s Not?

(ahhh Dear Old Lady…. McCain didn’t say anything to you.)

(Grandpa now wakes up and remembers that he is in this scene. Takes the mic and now starts reciting his lines)

GM: No

GM: No Ma’am

GM: No Ma’am

GM: He’s a decent family man, citizen, Zzzzzzz, Zzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzz


McCain, if you’ve going to script something at least rehearse. That was my Aunt you made look bad.

I tell you I use to refer to the McCain campaign as a 3-ring circus it is clear that this campaign has dissolved into the trash it is. I fully expect to start seeing skin being flashed soon when things really get bad. McCain has already teased us with the idea of Cindy competing in the Miss Buffalo Chip contest.

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